Adventure Time Funko Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures Full Case Unboxing

Rob: Hey everyone. I’m here with my good friend Izzy.

Izzy:    Hello.

Rob:    Hello, I’m Rob. We’re here to open a case of Adventure Time Mystery Mini’s from Funko. We went halfsies on it. We’re going to take turn opening them and then we’ll fight later about who gets to take home what figure. What I actually really like about these is they come in little collectible tins, which is pretty neat. It looks like some tins- You get 2 Jakes, 2 Finns, but there’s only 1 of Fionna, Marcellene, Ice King- the tins add a little layer of collectability too.

There’s 12 figures in the set, they’re on the back there, it’s probably really hard to see, they’re pretty small. There’s not rarity listed, so I’m wondering- there’s 12 figures in the case, 12 figures in the set, maybe we’ll get all 12. That would be pretty awesome. Probably unrealistic, but that would be awesome. I’ve been doing most of the talking, do you want to do the honors and open the first figures there? Open any one you want there.

Izzy:    I’ll start with Ice King.

Rob:    With Ice King, all right.

Izzy:    We’ve got the Ice King tin.

Rob:    Make sure you hit your mark here.

Izzy:    Yeah. There we go.

Rob:    We’ve done a lot of these, still not smart enough to have scissors on hand. Maybe next time kids. The tin doesn’t necessarily indicate which figure you’re going to go.

Izzy:    Let’s see what we’ve got. Appropriately, we’ve got Gunther, Ice King’s little side kick.


Rob:    That’s cool. We’ve got a Gunther. Now, I may as well grab a Gunther tin there. Let’s see who we get in here. It would be pretty funny if we get an Ice King.

Izzy:    Yeah, that would be pretty funny.

Rob:    Is there any- if you could pick 1 figure, which one do you want? That you would not let me have.

Izzy:    I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve been watching Adventure Time for a while now, so I like most of the characters. There we go!

Rob:    We got Ice King! That’s awesome. There he is. They’re nicely packed in here too. Lots of bubble wrap and they’re in the bag. They’re not articulated or anything, which is okay. Here, the back of Gunther isn’t too interesting. These are neat, they look a lot like the characters on the show, they’re pretty cool. There’s our 2 there, we’ve got Ice King and Gunther. Go ahead and grab your next figure.


Izzy:    All right, I’ll take Jake.

Rob:    I’m a little new to the Adventure Time club, I just started watching it. I really like it. A little late to the party but I’m pretty into it. I know enough now to know which characters I want. I really like Marcellene, I’m hoping to get her.

Izzy:    Yeah.

Rob:    Maybe I’ll take the tin, you take the figure or vice versa.

Izzy:    We’ve got LSP, we’ve got Lumpy Space Princess.

Rob:    There you go. I mean, whatever.

Izzy:    Whatevers.

Rob:    You did it better than I did. There we go, we got Lumpy Space Princess. No doubles so far, so that’s always nice. I’ve got the Fionna tin. We’re going to rip that open and see what we get. I feel like such a weakling when I can’t get these open on camera in front of the 5 people that watch this program.

lumpy space princess

Here we go, let’s see who’s in here. Oh, we’ve got Cake. We did an unboxing of just 1 of these before and Izzy already got Cake, so I know at least one figure that I’m going to have. There’s Cake, there’s the back with the tail there. So far so good. Again, no doubles so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe we get 2 Jakes, or 2 Finns but it would be really nice to know that you get the whole set.


Izzy:    Okay, let’s do BMO.

Rob:    I don’t know if these are in the way, I’m going to move these. I’m going to move the tins out of the way so we can see the figures better.

Izzy:    The BMO tin. If you saw the one shot, that’s what Cake came in last time. We’ll see who we got now. It looks like Marcellene. Yeah, Marcellene.

Rob:    Oh awesome. She’s my favorite character so far, I really like her.

Izzy:    She has to balance on her hair.

Rob:    She has what on her hair?

Izzy:    She has to balance on her hair. They use her hair, and bring it all the way down for her to stand on, because her legs are kind of tiny.


Rob:    That’s kind of smart. That way it doesn’t fall over. Yeah, you can see Cake , they use the tail for balance there so it doesn’t fall over. That’s nice because I have some of the figures- the Game of Thrones ones I have especially- they do not like to stand up. It’s kind of annoying. The Scribblenauts ones come on a base though, which I like. I’m doing the Scribblenauts video soon too by the way. Make sure you subscribe and watch for that.

Again, I can’t open this damned thing. I’ve got the Marcellene tin, I should show you. We’re just tearing through these, I don’t want to skip over. That’s cool, she’s got her axe-guitar, whatever you want to call that, on the back. That’s pretty neat. Nice little detail there. You got Marcellene in the BMO case, maybe we’ll get BMO in the Marcellene case.

What do you know? It’s BMO, how do you like that.

Izzy:    They’re going to think we opened this.

Rob:    I just broke him! I totally just ripped his arm off. That sucks! Oh man.

Izzy:    I know which figure you’re getting.

Rob:    I guess I’m getting BMO. I just earned myself a broken BMO. Man, that really sucks, I got to be careful. I’m sorry. We’ll there’s BMO, with a broken arm, damn it. Oh well. There’s the back of him. Maybe we’ll get a double of him and we’ll get 1 good one. That would really suck if we got the whole set and I’ve got 1 broken BMO. I was checking these out on Ebay, they’re not selling for too much crazy money. If BMO’s the one we’re missing, I’d probably get him for a few bucks. Here’s broken BMO, here’s your arm BMO, sorry about that.


Izzy:    Let’s do a Finn tin.

Rob:    A Finn tin?

Izzy:    Yeah, a Finn tin. I really do like-

Rob:    Show them the back of the tin.

Izzy:    He’s got his first sword there. Those of you who watch the show know that he’s changed it a couple of times. There’ve been some good story lines on that. I’m not going to spoil it for Rob. Anyway, let’s see who we get. We’ve got Fionna. Nice. I don’t want to break her, it looks like her ears would be the weakest.

Rob:    It’s a good thing I didn’t open that or we’d have a broken figure.

Izzy:    She’s got her backpack. Put her by Cake, appropriately.


Rob:    You’re stealing my signature move, knocking them over. I’ve got a Gunther, we’ve already had a Gunther case. Let’s see who we get- a Gunther tin rather- let’s see who we get in here. I really am liking the fact that, so far, we haven’t gotten any doubles. I opened Family Guy figures and the [inaudible 00:08:12] just looked awful, really scary. We don’t have that case here.

We’ve got Spongebob! No, it’s Finn. He’s got his backpack. It’s cool we got the main character. I like that. A lot of times they’ll put 5 of the main character and then you’ll get one each of the random guys, if you’re lucky. The supporting characters, so that’s kind of neat. All right dude. Go for it, 4 more to go.


Izzy:    One of the rarer tins, it seems.

Rob:    I guess so.

Izzy:    But like you said, that’s another level- collectible level. She’s got a bit of space underneath there, so she’s floating.

Rob:    I really like that, that they do the tins like that. That’s a smart idea. It’s almost like-

Izzy:    Oh, a variation of- we got a Finn variant. Finn with his sword.

Rob:    It’s like angry Finn with his sword That’s pretty neat, I like that one. A lot actually.

Izzy:    Yeah, that’s cool.

finn with sword

Rob:    Nice, very cool. It looks like, hopefully my prediction is true. It really looks like we’re on our way to getting the set. That would be really awesome. This was only 80 bucks for the case- “only” $80- but it would be nice to know, for 80 bucks, you get the whole set. 80 bucks, free shipping, I got it on I don’t get paid to mention them but that’s where I got it from. I’ve had people ask me where I get the cases from. They’re pretty good. I should send them this video, maybe they’ll send me something for free. Entertainment Earth, if you’re watching this, send me something and I’ll plug you.

Sorry, that was a Jake tin, I’m talking here. Let me show you the tin before I get into the figure. There he is. I like that they got his ears and his arms on the side, on the back his tail’s there. Its a nice job with these tins too, they’re not just rushed.

Izzy:    I’ll put LSP back.

Rob:    Anyway, who have we got in here? We have got zombie Finn, very cool.

Izzy:    Cool.

Rob:    There he is, there’s the back, he’s got the backpack. He looks like his arms are very breakable, I’m going to put him down so I don’t ruin another figure. All right, we’ve got 2 more and it looks like there’s only 2 more in the set. So far, we’re missing zombie Jake-

zombie finn

Izzy:    We don’t have any versions of Jake.

Rob:     Zombie Jake and regular Jake. I would have to imagine there’s a Jake in here. He’s the main character, it would be crazy for him not to be in here. You’ve got another Finn tin.

Izzy:    Finn tin!

Rob:    I’ve got BMO waiting in the wings here. I was checking online too-

Izzy:    This plastic’s really fighting me.

Rob:    It’s fine. A lot of these Funko sets, they have a Hot Topic exclusive variants. There doesn’t seem to be any variants with this. Maybe, instead of going halfsies, maybe I’ll just pay you, or you pay me and we keep the set. Not to split it- we’ll figure that out off camera.

Izzy:    That’s left to you.

Rob:    Who’ve we got there?

Izzy:    We have zombie Jake.

Rob:    Nice, there he is. There’s good old zombie Jake.

Izzy:    He’s got some cool detail, I hope the camera picks up on the little edges, the little veins.

Rob:    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last one here. Did I jump the gun?

Izzy:    He can’t stand. Go ahead.

zombie jake

Rob:    We’ve got BMO. Sorry, we took some time getting him to stand. I’m going to guess that this is Jake and if it is we’ve got the whole set. That is really cool.

Izzy:    That would be awesome.

Rob:    That would be awesome. I wish more sets- yeah, it looks like it’s Jake! That is really cool. I love the fact that these come in these tins. I love the fact that you get the whole set if you buy a case. You don’t have to hunt them down, there’s no doubles. I like that too because some of these, Funko especially, they’ll have figures that are 1 in every 144 packs. You get 6 cases and you’re lucky if you get it, they sell for a ton of money on Ebay. It’s kind of neat that you can collect these. Especially because a lot more kids are into it too, so it’s not as much to collect.


Jake is the problem, he doesn’t want to stand. Neither version of Jake wants to stand. Anyway, let’s get a group shot here. Let’s get all the tins together so you can take a look. The tin will stand in for Jake the figure because-

Izzy:    Let’s do the repeats because there’s-

Rob:    You’ve got a Gunther there, a Fionna, get the Jake out of there. Marcellene and Ice King is there. So it looks like we only got 4 repeats of tins, too. We’ve got them all, am I right?

group shot

Izzy:    Yeah.

Rob:    There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, there’s 8 different tins. That’s neat, you get for 80 bucks you get the 8 tins, you get the 12 different figures there. It’s a neat set, I think they did a really good job with these. That’s that. I’ve got lots of other unboxing videos. So make sure you subscribe and check those out. I have plenty more on the way. Izzy, you wanted to mention something coming up, your sister is doing-

Izzy:    Yeah, my sister’s been doing a lot of streaming on Twitch, with League of Legends. She’s doing a stream next week, that’s June 14th, for-

Rob:    2014.

Izzy:    To help raise money for a friend of hers. Her brother’s been wrongly imprisoned and convicted and he needs to raise funds for the appeals. At the very least to get him in a prison up here in New Jersey, he’s down in Puerto Rico, right now. She’s at Facebook I am Volanine, you can get information. Also, we’re going to provide a link directly to her page.

Rob:    Check that out in the description, and while you do that make sure follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my page, check out my other videos, leave some comments. I’m usually pretty good about replying back if you have any questions or anything. Hope you enjoy. Izzy, thank you sir, for opening these up.

Izzy:    Thank you.

Rob:    Now’ turn off the camera and we’ll fight over who gets who.

Izzy:    Except for BMO.

Rob:    Yeah

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