Doctor Who The Fantastic Collection Titans Vinyl Full Case Unboxing

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Hey everybody, The Real Deal here. I am super excited to show this to you. I’ve got the Doctor Who the Fantastic Collection from Titans Vinyl. If you’ve been watching these videos, you’ll know Titan is my favorite company that makes these little 3 inch box figures. The Doctor Who sets are my favorite, I love Doctor Who and I love these vinyl sets that they have of them, so I am really, really excited to open these up here.

Taking a look at the box, I’m showing you the figures that are in there. The Fantastic Collection, this is based on the 9th doctor, the very first season of the new Doctor Who revival, so I’m very excited about that. We’ve got some 10th doctor sets and 11th doctor sets. I’ve opened all of them and unboxed them, so you should check those out too. But this is the first set based on the 9th doctor, so it’s very cool that we’re getting that.

So you can see the 9th doctors in there, Rose, we’ve got a Jack and Rose variant, those are the 1 in 40 figures, and then a 9th doctor, and a Dalek variant. It’s interesting that there’s a Dalek variant, because there’s no regular Dalek figure in here. So it’s actually I guess not really a variant, it’s just a 1 in 40 Dalek figure. Interesting, I think that’s the first time they’ve done one that they’ve done a 1 in 40 figure that’s not a variant of another figure that’s in the set, so hopefully we’ll get the Dalek in here. Let’s see.

So, there we go. All of these are facing backwards, that’s kind of interesting if you can see there. The packaging on these is usually very, very cool- oh wow, kind of opened that one a little bit to pull it out of there. But I just think the packaging on these is very nice. It’s always very consistent. Like I said, it’s the 9th doctor, 2005. You can see that there. And then they just have a nice clear picture of everything that’s in there, it tells you, “Hey, you might get an accessory.” So there you go. Accessory not included with all figures.  And Titan is usually really consistent. The sculpts on these are great, the likenesses are great. The colors and the selection of the figures is very cool, so I’m super excited to dig in and see who it is that we get from this set. So let’s find out. I think it’s cool that they’re doing a 9th doctor set. I’d love to see them go back and do some classic doctor sets too.

All right, so the first one that we have, this looks like it’s the editor, right? Yeah, the editor. He’s 2 in 20. So we should be getting 2 of him. I don’t see any accessory in there. So I love that the packaging has the Doctor Who logo on it and everything too. That’s very nice that the wrapping has it too, just a nice little touch. All right, so Mr. Editor doesn’t come with it.

This was the guy, I believe, played by Simon Pegg, right, in that first season? So really neat, I’m sure he’s thrilled he’s getting a little action figure there. So that’s very cool. He’s got the smile on his face there. So nice, we’ve got an editor figure. Looks pretty cool. Looks a little bit like Simon Pegg, oh he’s got a little bit of dirt up there but that’s okay.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.03.51

So I’m sure I’ll be getting another editor figure, that might actually be who’s right in here. So let’s find out. Since he’s 2 in 20 there.  Yep, that’s usually what happens. They’re right next to each other there. And again, no accessory. I want to make sure I’m not missing anything, I don’t want to throw anything away by mistake. So there’s another editor figure, so there you go. We already saw him. I should have maybe opened these back to front to build some suspense here, because usually these first two here are the rare figures. But I don’t know, all these are turned around on me, so maybe that’s not the case. Maybe it won’t be one of the rare figures. Let’s see.

We could build suspense there, we have … Aha, well as usual, it’s a rare figure. It’s a 1 in 40, and it looks like we’ve got the Captain Jack variant. This is the 1 in 40 variant for Jack Harkness there. I’m searching in there, I think he does have an accessory in there, I can’t get it out. Ah, he comes with a giant gun, which makes sense.

So that’s cool, we did get a Captain Jack figure in one of the other sets, I think maybe the regeneration set. One of the 10th doctor sets had a Captain Jack figure. But it’s cool that we’re getting some more Captain Jack love here because he’s an awesome character. Torchwood is a great show, you should check it out if you haven’t seen it, it’s with Captain Jack. This doesn’t really stay in his hand too well, but that’s okay. So that looks like that’s my first rare figure there, which is cool. He’s got a little, I guess that’s his holster for the gun kind of, I don’t really know. But very cool. Good old Captain Jack. All right, so I wonder- and his arm is a little loose, but oh well. That’s okay.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.07.14

So cool, we got a Captain Jack rare figure. Let’s see who my other rare is, I bet this is the other 1 in 40 figure. Wow, this feels like a Dalek. I’m almost 100 percent sure this is the Dalek. Yeah, cool. And it has what I thought it would have, these are the instructions so you can be ready to exterminate, to put everything in there. These are the little accessories, his little plunger, and the other gun, and his eye stalk. But that’s very cool.

So this is the chained up Dalek from the episode Dalek when Rose encounters the Dalek for the first time, and it’s got the hand print from when Rose touches him, that’s what I was really hoping it would have. I think that’s very cool. So this is a cool figure. I’m glad I got this. Look at that, that’s kinds of neat, the chains just come right off, so I guess if you wanted to remove the chains you can, that’s kind of neat. But I’ll leave them on there. And I like too, he’s all scratched up and damaged like he was in the episode there. So very cool.

So those are my two 1 in 40 figures. That is really really neat. I like this one a lot. This is very cool. Good inclusion there, that was a very good episode. This is one of the best episodes of that season, so very cool that that’s included. Nice, so we got a Dalek.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.08.23

So there’s my 2 rare figures there. So I should be getting the rest of the 1 in 20 and 2 in 20 figures in here. I’m excited to see, it’s cool that we get Mickey in here. I got a couple more Rose figures, we did get a Rose figure as well in one of the other sets. She’s in one of the 10th doctor sets as well.

So let’s see who we get.  Ah nice. We got the empty child. He is 1 in 20 so I don’t expect to get any more of him, probably only 1 of him in here. He’s the one, “Are you my mummy?” Very cool, very very cool. Very creepy. This is also a great episode. This is a great season, I really like this first season of Doctor Who, the new Doctor Who. Definitely worth watching, if you haven’t seen it, it’s really good. Pardon me. Very cool, we got a creepy empty child with the gas mask on there. So cool.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.09.57

All right. So we got 1 in 20. So now who is this? Oh this is really light. It feels almost empty, I mean I know it’s not empty but feels lighter than the other ones. I wonder if that means something, I wonder what’s in here.  I don’t know, it feels like a regular figure.

All right, let’s see. We have- ah, cool. It’s an Auton, so this is the first villain that the 9th doctor faces there. These weird mannequin things that come to life. They’ve actually been around since the 3rd doctor. I actually just watched that recently, Spearhead from Space, where the Autons first show up. But that’s pretty cool. Looks like an unpainted head, but I guess maybe they have it that orange color there, which the Autons are, so that’s pretty cool. These weird creepy mannequin things that come to life and try to kill you. That’d be cool if they had it so his hand opens up with the gun like it does in the show, but that’s okay. I didn’t expect that. That would have been a neat touch, but that’s no big deal. And mister Auton here, he’s also 1 in 20. So only 1 of him in the case as well usually. That’s probably what that means, I don’t know. Sometimes you get surprised and you get more than 1, but I don’t think so.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.11.40

All right, now who is this? Oh, aha! I know who this one is. I can feel the base. This is is Cassandra I think, and she is 1 in 20 as well. Maybe I’m wrong. No, very cool. How cool is it that we have a Cassandra figure from that first season. She’s the one, “Moisturize me, moisturize me!” She’s the oldest living human, if I’m remembering correctly, right? But she’s just skin stretched out there.

So really interesting, really neat, crazy, cool creature that you would only see in Doctor Who. So very, very cool. I actually saw somebody at New York Comic Con cosplaying as this, which was pretty cool. I wish I would have gotten a picture. But there you go. There’s good old Cassandra. Very cool. I’m very happy to add this to my collection, I think this is a great figure. This is definitely a standout. Really neat, so very memorable character. Cool, so we got Cassandra there.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.12.37

Cassandra’s also 1 in 20, so maybe this is another 1 in 20 figure too. Maybe this is the Slitheen? And then maybe the rest are the 2 in 20s? I don’t know. Okay. So let’s see here. Oh no, we have Adam. I don’t really remember too much about Adam. Adam is 1 in 20 as well. Okay, it was another 1 in 20 figure. It looks like no accessory for Adam either.

I know he was the one- he’s only in 1 or 2 episodes right? He joins the Tardis, and I forget what this is. He does something selfish and the doctor kicks him off, I remember that. Spoiler alert for something that’s 10 years old. Remind me in the comments, I don’t remember exactly what it is, but I remember the doctor gets mad at him and kicks him off, and it’s something to do with I guess his brain being exposed. I really don’t remember. But there he is, there’s Adam, 1 in 20. There you go.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.15.24

All right. Okay, now let’s see who else is here. So I was saying I’d love to see them do- they’ve done a 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th doctor set, I would love to see them go back and do a set for each one of the original doctors, and have some of their companions and monsters and everything in there.  Okay, cool we’ve got Mickey Smith.

That actually is a pretty good likeness, that looks like him. Rose’s poor boyfriend, ex-boyfriend. Cool guy, just couldn’t compete with the doctor, because who can? But I like how they ended his story. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it, they end it when the 10th doctor leaves. He’s pretty cool. He’s a cool character. Kind of grew on me over the run over the run of the show, so- oh, what’s going on with the focus there? Let’s get that back, there we go. All right.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.17.21

So Mickey Smith, now Mickey is 1 in 20 as well. We’ve got a lot of figures there’s only one of them in the case. But that’s why I like to get the case, because I like to get the whole set. Or the majority of the set, and then try to hunt down the other rares that I don’t get. But if you’ve seen my videos, you know I’ll get them and I’ll do a set of them.

Oh this is the Tardis. Sorry I don’t mean to spoil everything before I open it, I can just kind of tell by feeling these things here. There you go. Now this is awesome. We’ve gotten a few different Tardis variants over the various sets that Titans has done, but this is the first time we actually get a materializing Tardis. This is 2 in 20, so I should be getting another one of these too. I think that’s really cool. As it’s phasing in or phasing out, ready to travel or ready to land. It’s just really neat, I like the translucent blue that they have here, that’s just very, very neat.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.18.13

Cool idea to get a Tardis variant in there and to do a Tardis that they haven’t done previously. Oh, looks like it’s kind of- like it’s got a crack or something in it, I don’t know. That’s a little weird. Maybe like an imperfection with it. But that’s okay, I’ll get another, and we’ll take a look and see if that has it too.  This might actually be it. Too close to the camera, sorry. All right.

Yeah, this is another Tardis. I’d love to know who your favorite doctor is. I did that last time, I ran a contest and it was basically the 10th doctor got the most votes. 4th doctor, 11. But let me know, the 12th doctor has grown on me. See this one doesn’t have that weird imperfection in the back, so interesting. But the 12th doctor has grown on me. I wasn’t a huge fan of his first season, but I really like this previous season with the 12th doctor. I don’t know, let me know what you think. These are cool. All right, they’re blocking everybody there, let’s put the Tardis’s over there.

Okay, so who else is in this set here? All right, so we got the Tardis’s. I can’t tell what this is, so I won’t guess. Let’s just open it and find out. Oh, it’s the Slitheen. That’s very cool, this is a really cool giant figure here. I love this, this is 1 in 20, so this is the only Slitheen. No accessories for the Slitheen there. Again, is one of the first monsters that the 9th doctor fights. So really, really cool. Neat design. This is a cool looking figure. I love it, there you go. Nice detail there. Very cool. Very cool. Okay, so we’ve got the Slitheen.

So interestingly, we got all the supporting characters, we haven’t the doctor or Rose yet, so I imagine- Slitheen doesn’t want to stand up. Let me put your arms down Slitheen, then you’ll stand? There you go.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.20.39

All right.  A lot of 9th doctors and Rose figures here. So let’s see. So if you just want the 9th doctor and you want Rose, I guess go to the back of the box. Okay, cool we’ve got the 9th doctor, who this whole set is based around. So he’s 2 in 20. He’s got a blue shirt on there, and there’s a red shirt and a green shirt variant that were released I think as part of the set that was the 50th anniversary set, with all- oh there goes his sonic screwdriver flying. Let me just grab that here, didn’t go too far. Okay, there’s the sonic screwdriver there.

So there’s the blue shirt and the green shirt variant from that 50th anniversary set, and now we’ve got the- I’m sorry. There’s a red shirt and a green shirt variant in the 50th anniversary set. This is the blue shirt variant, obviously, so cool they changed it slightly. He’s got his cool leather jacket on there. Nice. Looks like Christopher Eccleston, which is awesome. Shame he didn’t come back for the 50th anniversary, because originally the plan was, instead of the war doctor, to have the 9th doctor in that place. But for whatever reason he didn’t want to come back so we got the war doctor, don’t get me wrong the war doctor is pretty cool.  But it would have been neat to have the original 9th doctor back there, but what can you do.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.22.14

This, oh nice, I expected this to be another 9th doctor figure, the same one I just got, but it’s not. It’s Rose with her key and her Union Jack shirt on there, so that’s pretty cool. She’s got a key, very cool. Let’s get that out of there so we can take a look at that. Does that actually fit in her hand? Yeah, there you go. So that’s cool. Looks like Billie Piper, good.

Great likenesses on these things, so very cool that we have another Rose Tyler figure. Little bit of junk on the back of that there, but that happens. Some markings, but very cool. Cool looking figure, nice. So now we’ve got the 9th doctor and Rose, the very first companion of the brand new Doctor Who.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.23.23

Sorry, Adam. Knocked you over there bud. Now is this another 9th doctor? Oh cool. This is the 9th doctor, now you’ll have to remind because again, this aired in 2005, so it’s been a while. I don’t remember why he’s got yellow eyes. Is this maybe supposed to be when he’s about to regenerate, I don’t remember why he the yellow eyes. Is that the episode where … I really don’t remember why he’s got the yellow eyes, but this is also 2 in 20, but this is the other variant of the 9th doctor that’s in the set here, so let’s see.

Oh there’s a Jack Harkness figure we didn’t get, too. So that must be in here too.  So he comes with a sonic screwdriver, obviously. There you go. That’s cool, neat variant there with the yellow. But man, I don’t remember why he’s got those yellow eyes, so sorry. Tell me in the comments. The only thing I can think of is he’s regenerating. I don’t remember, somebody will tell me in the comments, and I’ll be like, “Oh yeah, duh. I forgot.”

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.25.01

So I guess it would make sense to me that this is the Jack figure, because that’s the only one we haven’t gotten, but I don’t know. Hey, very cool. Does he come with a giant gun as well? He does. Let’s get that out of there and show this to you here. So there he is with his head turned around there. Wow, this is really nice. That’s a really cool looking figure. Jack fully decked out in his uniform there.

I forget exactly what it is, is that like the space navy, or whatever? I forget what it’s called, what he’s apart of when he first shows up. Oh that’s cool, it’s a different gun. Oh no it’s not a gun, it’s binoculars. So that’s cool that the other one comes with a gun, I think that’s more towards the end of the season. And this, he’s with his binoculars that he has when he first shows up. So that’s pretty cool. Those go in the hand there. Hello, I’m not even close to getting it in there. Come on. Okay, very cool. Cool, this is a nice figure. I like that. And look at that, looks like John Barrowman, the actor. Looks just like Captain Jack. Well, there go his binoculars, okay well whatever, you get the idea.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 11.27.25

So there you go. Cool, this is a really nice figure. I like this one a lot. This might be my favorite one of the set. I like Cassandra, I like the Slitheen too- I mean I like them all, I like the Tardis, see it’s so hard to pick. It’s hard to pick a favorite. All right, so let’s open the rest of these. I would imagine that these are just doubles of the row that I just opened. But you never know, sometimes you get surprised. I would love it if there’s another rare figure in here, but I don’t think so.  Poor Adam, you’re in the worst spot. Mickey I knocked you over too, buddy. All right, so there’s another 9th doctor we saw him. Wonderful. Okay. Let’s see who else we got. This is perhaps another Rose? Yep, there she is. Good old Rose. We saw her. Captain Jack, you know, I always run into this problem these guys never want to stand up. There we go, there’s her key. We saw the key already.

All right, last 2. Maybe we’ll get another rare, wouldn’t that be cool. So if you like this set, Titan has lots of other great sets out there. There’s lots of other Doctor Who sets, they have a cool Ghostbuster set, Alien, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, they did a Beatles set, they have a lot of other cool stuff coming out too that I plan on getting. So take a look at my other videos, and then like, subscribe, and share so you can see all the other upcoming videos I have. Okay, so that was obviously the 9th doctor with the yellow eyes, we saw that already. So I post new videos every Sunday, usually around 7 am eastern time, so you should check those out. I’ll be putting these extras up on eBay, so you can check out my eBay page. That link is in the description too. All right, so there you go. There’s the last figure, and of course it’s another Jack.

So overall I really like this set. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite? Let me know, tell me which one you think is really cool, and let me know. I’d love to know what you would love Titans to add in future collections, and maybe if I see them at New York Comic Con again, I can talk to them and make some suggestions to them. Not that I have any clout or anything like that, because I certainly do not. But I’d still love to hear what you guys think. So guys thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate it, and keep on collecting. Thanks.

Screenshot 2016-02-09 09.14.05