Funko DC Universe Mystery Minis Full Case Unboxing & Giveaway

Hey everybody, the real deal here. For this week’s unboxing, I’ve got the Funko DC Universe Mystery Minis. I’ve got a full case, and I’m going to open them up, take a look at them here. You can see that was the top of the box. Here’s the front of the box showing you everybody that’s in the set.

It says DC Universe. It is DC, but it really is just Batman. There’s no other DC Universe characters in here. There’s the side of the box. Here’s the back with the Riddler hiding out back there. Here’s the other side with the Heath Ledger Joker there. Yeah. That’s one of the strange things about this set. There’s a few interesting things about this set if you ask me.

One it says DC Universe and it’s really just Batman. Two is that they don’t have too much of a variety of characters. You just get Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Joker, Heath Ledger Joker, and then Penguin and 1 Riddler which is odd because Riddler doesn’t have any variants, but all the other ones have a bunch of different variants. I did open 2 packs of these the other day. I like the figures themselves. Well, I do wish there was a little bit more variety. I wish we got some other characters like maybe Harley Quinn or Killer Croc or Scarecrow or any of other hundreds of cool Batman villains that are out there. I like the figures themselves.

The other thing is if you look, there’s 1 in 144 figures. Those are going to be pretty tough to track down. Hopefully I’ll get one of them in here. Without further ado, you can see the box. There you go. Now without further ado, let’s see who this first figure is.

Look at that, I’ve got a Joker. I’ve got the laughing Joker. He is one in 18 because his eyes are closed. Okay. I expect I’ll only get one in this case. Let’s get this open and take a look at them there. There he is. Really, I think the only articulation these guys have is their heads move. The figure itself is really nice. This got really nice colors on it. It’s a nice representation of the Joker. He looks really happy to be a bad guy.

You can see, he’s got his green tie there and then the yellow vest and everything. I like the figure. It’s very cool. Here we go.


Then DC is going to be doing a Justice League set coming out. Funko Mystery Mini Justice League set. I’m looking forward to that, and that will have a lot more DC characters in it, which is cool. The Flash and Superman. I think Green Lantern is in there. That should be a really cool set to get my hands on. It’s not out yet. But when it comes out, I’ll get it. Okay. Let’s see who this one is here. All right. I’m expecting to get mostly a full set. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of rare ones in here too.

All right. True to form, Funko usually puts 2 of the same character right next to each other. It seems to be no different with this DC set. There you go. I got the same guy. Even though it says one in 18, I guess you can still get 2 of them in the case like I did, so that’s all right. Let’s see. I got my handy scissors here to make life a little easier opening this, although I can’t even seem to get scissors to work. There we go. All right. Let’s see. All right. I’m looking forward really … Oh there he is. That’s the one I really wanted. I was about to say I’m really looking forward to the Riddler.

I expect to only get 1 of him in this case, but who knows. Maybe there will be 1 right next to it there. I’m going to open that 1 in a second, but there he is. Okay. Very cool figure there. He’s got all the question marks on his coat there, question mark on his hat. He’s got his question mark rod there. That’s cool. A little weird that they’ve got the steam like right on the back of the head underneath their face. I think maybe they could have done that a little bit better, but otherwise I like that. It’s cool figure.


We’re getting all the Batman villains here. I guess eventually we’ll have to get Batman. I wonder if this is another Riddler. Let’s find out. Here we go.

Just ripped this open here. Let’s see who we got. All right. Oh is it? Yup, okay. So much for 1 in 18. Well, how many are in the case? There’s 24, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Wait a minute. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Yeah there’s like 20 in here. I don’t know, but okay. I got 2 Riddlers. That’s cool. There we go. We’ll put him there. All right. Then I imagine this one isn’t going to be a Riddler. Maybe this is a Batman. Let’s see. Well, I want both Batmans. I like that they have the classic Batman and the newer style Batman. Essentially yellow and black there. Again instead of different poses, we could have even gotten different Batman suits throughout the years.

Maybe a Dark Knight suit or a Dark Knight Returns or Azrael or something. Okay. There he is. Look that’s the back of him. There’s Penguin. Both Penguins are 1 in 18. This is like the, I don’t know, like the dancing Penguin. He’s not really dancing, but he’s just posing looking how happy he is. Oh that kind of sucks. There’s some scuffs there. Maybe I’ll get another one of him that isn’t all scuffed up, but there he is with his umbrella. His head moves. There he is, Penguin. Hello.


Okay. I like what they’re doing with the Penguin on Gotham if you’ve been watching that show. The show is actually getting pretty good. I think the actor that plays the Penguin is really good.

I like him and I like the show. I think the only character I really don’t like watching on that show is Chief Gordon’s girlfriend or used to be girlfriend. But anyway, okay. Yup. There’s another Penguin. Let’s see. This one hopefully is not all scuffed up. Okay. He’s got an unblemished face. Good. He’s not messed up there. Okay. There you go. All right. We saw Penguin already. So far, 2 of each villain there. These 2 are stuck together. Let’s see. I imagine these 2 boxes next to each other are going to be 2 of the same character. We haven’t gotten a Heath Ledger Joker or a Batgirl or Catwoman or Batman. I guess this is going to be 1 of those.

Let’s see. Usually I think with the Funko sets, the rare ones are on the bottom. On the bottom towards the back. That’s what I’m expecting with this. I guess you never know what we’re going to find out. All right. Hello, come on. All right. Who do we have in here? Oh, we’ve got the other Penguin. Okay. He’s 1 in 18 as well. This is the smirking Penguin, not the full on smiling Penguin. There he is. I like that they have the, I don’t know, was that intentional? The reflection on the glass on his glasses. I think it looks cool. I think it is supposed to be there. I guess we’ll find out when I open up the next one, but there he is. There you go. We’ve got another Penguin.


Only slightly different from the other Penguin that’s there. Okay. Let’s see, what else we’ve got. I guess the whole bottom row is going to be a thousand different Batman. Let’s see. All right. Okay. Yup, there he is. He’s got the reflection of the glasses there. This is the other Penguin which I fully expected. All right. There he is. I’ll put him there.

Okay. Try to get a nice group shot when this is all set and done even though we always manage to knock 1 or 2 of them over. All right. Let’s just poke the crap out of this. There we go. Okay. There’s some cool Mystery Mini set coming out this year.

There’s the Justice League one I was talking about. There is an Avengers Age of Ultron one that I’m looking forward to. There’s more Walking Dead ones. Hey, cool. We’ve got Heath Ledger Joker. Just looking like “hey I’m the Joker, what’s going on.” This is 1 of 18 as well.


I imagine I’m going to get another Joker right next to him. Hold it from the back corner there. I pulled the 1 next to it. Kind of interesting they threw him in because the rest of this doesn’t have any Dark Knight characters, but I guess he was popular enough. I mean he did, Heath Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker in those movies. It’s ashamed that he passed away. It would have been nice to him reprice that role in Dark Knight Rises, but wasn’t meant to be I suppose. Okay. Let’s see here.

There he is. Yup. Same Joker. There you go. Again with Funko, you’re looking for 2 different figures. Don’t buy 2 packs that are right next to each other if you’ve got a fresh case because you’re most likely going to get 2 of the same figure because that’s how they packed these out. Something good to know. You’re at the store and “oh, I want to buy a couple of these.” Take them from different spots in the case. If it’s a new case, I guess we’re going to see here if it holds true, but usually like I said on the bottom towards the back is where the rare figures are. We’ll find out.

Anyway, this is going to be, who do we have here. Aha. We got our first Batman. Oh wait a second. I think this is my first rare one. This is a 1 in 72 Batman.

It’s towards the back, but on the top not the bottom. There you go. He’s not 1 in 144. He’s not one of the super, super rare ones, but this is the 1 in 72 Batman. There you go. I expect to only get 1 of him in the case. Maybe the 1 next to it is another 1 in 72 figure. That’s a lot of the times had that worked. I’m guessing it’s the 1 in 72 Batgirl. Let’s see if I’m right, but first let’s finished looking this. He’s got the cool cape spread out there looking pretty angry, like he’s going to mess you up. Got his utility belt. This is cool. I like this Batman a lot. There he is. All right. Usually though that means if I get a 1 in 72, I’m going to get another 1 in 72 here.


I’m guessing that I won’t get any of the 1 in 144 figures, but who knows, maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong because I’d like at least 1 of the super, super rare figures. Don’t have to hunt them all down on eBay or Amazon or something like that or keep buying packs until I got whirled. Anyway, let’s see here. Oops, I totally destroyed this box. Okay. Well, I guess that box is getting destroyed. Hey, I got another … Wait a second. This is a 1 in 24 Joker. I have him already, don’t I? No, I don’t. Okay. This is a 1 in 24 Joker. He looks a lot like the other one. Only this one, his eyes are open and the other one, the eyes are closed. There you go.

I got a 1 in 24 Joker. Okay. I was wrong about it being a Batgirl, but it was one of the other semi-rare figures. He’s 1 in 24. All right. He’s got his eyes opened and otherwise, he looks almost exactly like the other one over here with his eyes closed. That’s what I’m saying. It’s a little weird that they have those slight variants in this set. Okay. That’s the 1 in 24 Joker.


All right. Let’s see here. Come on, open up. All right. Boy. Look, it’s got a giant hole in it right here anyway. Let’s ripped this open. Okay. All right. Who’s this? This is the first 1 on the bottom row is a Batgirl. This is the 1 in 24 Batgirl.

I guess I’m getting 1 of her in this case, although I don’t know. I haven’t been that great at guessing so far, but it’s a cool looking Batgirl there. I’m not sure what that pose this, but okay. There she is. Looking sly. Okay. That’s the 1 in 24 Batgirl. She got her hair poking out of her mask there which doesn’t seem too safe. I think somebody would grab onto it or something, but all right, whatever.


Okay. Who is this? Let’s see here. Okay. Okay, wow. So much for not getting another one. This is another 1 in 24 Batgirl. Again we saw her already. There you go. There she is. All right. Great. Oop, stand up there Batgirl. Well, all right, lay down, whatever. Okay.

All right. So far in this Batman theme set, I’ve only gotten 1 Batman. I guess all the Batmans are on the bottom here. All right. We got 2 Batgirls. What are we going to get now? Are we going to get Batman or Catwoman because we haven’t gotten any Catwoman figures here.

Let’s see who this is. Oh looks like Catwoman. There she is. All right. We’ve got Catwoman and this is a 1 in 24 Catwoman. I’m going to guess that the next one is going to be the same figure. It seems to be the same, but I guess we’ll find out. All right. There’s Catwoman. Her head is a little loose there in her purple costume. Catwoman has had a million costumes over the years too. I would have been nice to get another Catwoman variant in here, but yeah it’s okay, whatever.


I do like the figures themselves though. It sounds like I’m dogging on the set a little bit. These little figures are cool. Okay. Stand up there Catwoman. All right, whatever, it doesn’t want to stand up.

Okay. Let’s see who the next is here. I still got 8 more after this. This is, yup, Catwoman. No big surprise there. Hello Catwoman, how are you? Tada! All right. I’ll take them to the left here. Okay. Now of course I’m not going to fall over which I always do. All right. Marvel has also teamed up with Funko to do a Marvel…I think its called the collector’s club or founder’s club, something like that where basically it something like the LootCrate, but it’s all going to be Marvel. It’s going to have exclusive Funko figures in there, T-shirts. If you sign up for the year, they’re going to send you an exclusive statue.

Hey, we’ve got happy Batman which is a rare thing. There he is. Happy Batman is 1 in 12. I think we’re going to get happy Batman right next to him there. Let’s get him out of the case there, right at the back rather. Happy Batman. He must have just kicked somebody’s butt that he’s pretty happy about. All right. I just defeated the Joker, ha, ha, ha. I don’t really know where I was going with that, but anyway he’s happy.


Okay. Anyway, signed up for that Marvel collector’s club. When those start coming out, I’ll be doing those unboxings too. Looking forward to that.

The first one is an Avenger’s Age of Ultron theme. It comes with an inclusive Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor. That’s the only place you’re going to be able to get it. I thought that was pretty cool. Happy Batman. There you go as expected. Okay. I’m hoping I get at least 1 more rare figure. At least the other 1 in 72 which is a Batgirl or one of the 1 in 144 figures, the super rare ones. Maybe, maybe not.

Let’s see. Okay. Who is this? Who is this? We’ve got Heath Ledger Joker. This is the 1 in 12 Heath Ledger Joker. He’s just, “Look, look, I’m not up to anything, I don’t know what you’re talking about. It was like that when I got here.” With his hands behind his back there. This is a really different sculpt. It’s not just a different face painted on there. There you go. All right.


Let’s see now. I bet we’re going to get same figure in here. Let’s see. Okay. We haven’t gotten any classic Batman either. He’ll be in the back row. Let’s see. Yup. Yup. There he is. Get him out. See him right there. Tada! Okay. We saw you already. Get over there. All right. The last few figures here. Will I get lucky and get a super rare figure? I’ve only got 4 more tries. Like I said a lot of times they are in the back on the bottom, so let’s see. I opened up a whole Walking Dead case and the very last one was the 1 in 144 riding on. Okay. There we go. We’ve got a classic Batman.

It looks like the 1 in 18 classic Batman with his blue and gray suit. I actually really like this blue and gray suit. There he is. He’s going to mess you up, you better watch out. Looks basically almost exactly like the one in the black suit from before, but same thing. Oh nope. Wait. Oh no, maybe not. Maybe it’s different. Okay, my bad. There he is.


Okay. Here we go. Let’s see. Okay. This is going to be another one of that classic Batman the same one I’m sure. I wonder what the last few are. I’m hoping there is a rare one in there that would make me very happy, so I don’t have to track down 4 super rare figures if I do a complete in this set.

Okay. There’s another classic Batman. He’s in 1 in 18. Okay. Man, that puts well. I hope there is a rare figure in there because I got 2 Batman right next to each other that were the same one. That means there must be something going on with those last 2 figures. I really hope that I get a rare one, but there they are. These are the 2 1 in 18 Batman figures, classic Batman figures. All right. Let’s see. Let’s see who’s here. The 1 in 144 figure I want is the Heath Ledger Joker because he looks completely crazy. There he is right there. Well, I kind of messed them. Yeah there he is. That’s the one I’m looking for. Who knows. It would be nice. It would be nice if he’s in here.


All right. This, I think I didn’t get that 1 in 18 Batman that I was trying to compare the other classic Batman to before, the new Batman. I wonder if that’s … Yup, there he is. That’s what I was looking for before. Okay. This is 1 in 18 new Batman. I was saying he looks a lot like this Batman. A little bit different. His teeth are showing a little more in this, but essentially almost the same figure.

Okay. All right. Now I’ve got all of the common figures. Will this be just another Batman that I already have or is this going to be 1 in 72 figure or even better the 1 in 144 figures? Oh, let me not destroy my table here.

Okay. Come on. I’m building suspense, not on purpose though. I just can’t get it open. All right. Let’s see. Can I get a 1 in 144 Joker? That would be so cool. All right everybody. Hey, it’s a Batgirl but you know what? It’s 1 in 18 Batgirl. Okay. I thought maybe for a second because they were, but nope I don’t think I have this one, right? I didn’t get this one. No, I got the other Batgirl.


Okay. Well, so that’s a little disappointing. I got the 1 in 24 figure, and I got the 1 in 72 figure. I only got 1 kind of rare one. That kind of sucks, but otherwise I really like this set. I think what I’m going to do, because I got so many extras, I’m going to do another giveaway to thank those who have watched this all the way through.

All you have to do is like the video, subscribe, share it, and then leave a comment. Tell me who your favorite Batman character is. I’m going to send you one of these extra figures. I’m not going to tell you who. It’s going to be a surprise to kind of lend to the blind box theme. Again like, subscribe, share, leave a comment who is your favorite Batman character and why, and I will send you a figure.

Come back next week. I will announce the winner. I will also be unboxing some more stuff. Next week I think I have the Ninja Turtle Funko Mystery Minis. Stay tuned. Thanks a lot for watching and keep on collecting. Thanks.


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