Funko Horror Classics Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures Unboxing

Hi everyone. I wanted to make this unboxing video for the Funko horror classics vinyl figures. They’re the three inch blind box figures and you can see on the front here. It shows you everything that comes in the set. You got some artwork on the side there, some of the characters. Artwork on the side there. Some of the characters on the top there.

Obviously you open it up. On the package itself, it shows you each figure included in the collection and the rarity of each one. It’s got some really cool classic horror icons in this set. You got Freddie Krueger and Jason and Leatherface and Michael Myers. I’m hoping that I get some of these rarer ones, the bloody variants and the glow in the dark variants. Without further ado let’s start opening these up. Let’s see here. Really going to be the hardest part is ripping each one of these open. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Hopefully we get somebody really awesome in this very first one here. Let’s see. They come in these little black bag here. Our first one is … I believe that’s Pennywise from IT. He’s 1 in, oh no, 2 in 24. He’s one of the regular ones. Part of the regular set. Let me do, put him over here.


Start with the next one. Excuse me one second. Murray, cut it out buddy. My dog is making a lot of noise in the background but we’re going to keep that in because I got one shot at this. Once I unbox these that’s it. I’m sorry if you got that background noise in there. My dog has decided to be annoying at exactly the wrong time. What are you going to do? Let’s see who we got next here. Murray, cut it out. Murray. What are you going to do?

All right. Oh cool, we got Sam from the movie Trick or Treat which is actually a cool little movie if you haven’t seen it. It’s a nice horror anthology movie. You get it for like $6 on Amazon, for the Blu-Ray. It’s definitely worth picking up. There’s like 4 … It’s like an anthology movie. 4 stories that kind of link together. It’s definitely worth watching if you’re a horror fan. That’s a cool representation of him. Here he is and he’s 2 in 24 as well. Again, one of the common figures.

sam trick or treat

Moving onto the next one here. Let’s see what we got here. All right. I destroy the box but that’s okay. All right. We’ve got Freddy Krueger. There he is. Looking actually kind of cute for Freddy. I like the 3 inch representation of these guys. They look scary but not that scary. They look almost like something your kids would play with although I probably wouldn’t give your kids these toys. As a a matter of fact, on the box it says for 17 and older. You probably don’t want your kids playing with these.


Let’s see. Open the next one. Let’s see. We’re going to pull out Hannibal Lecter. Got him in his mask and in his straight jacket from the movie. There he is in the back there. Again, both of those, Freddy and Hannibal, they’re 2 in 24. They’re just part of the regular series. I imagine I’m going to get doubles of a lot of these figures, which is okay by me. I’ll just sell the extra ones on Ebay or give them to friends or something like that.


Let’s see. This is now, I’m on number 5 of 24 packages. We’re going to see … Maybe I’ll get a rare one in here. Nope, we got Hannibal again. I got 2 of Hannibal. It’s okay. My first double in the set, which I expected. You got a case of these. It’s to be expected but with the case I know I’m pretty much guaranteed to get the regular set. I should hopefully get 2 or 3 variants. I hope I don’t get just 1 of them. I hope I get at least 1 of them.

All right, so now we have … It looks like Ghost Face from Scream. The Scream trilogy, well 4 of the movies actually. There he is. Pretty cool with his bloody knife there. Nice. Not a huge fan of the Scream movies but I do like the mask and the design of that character there.


For this next one, let’s see. Again, Ghost Face, these are all 2 in 24. If I pull one that’s not 2 in 24 I’ll make a point to mention it. I don’t think I need to keep repeating it. I’ve got another Ghost Face. There we go. So far 2 doubles, no big deal.

This one doesn’t want to open. I should have grabbed scissors or something but that’s okay. We’re going to move these guys over so I can get into the camera here. Let’s see. Let’s see here. Okay. This feels like a small one. Another Sam. There we go. We saw him already. We’ll put him to the side there. I hope I start getting some figures I don’t have. It’d be nice to get Jason. Or again, one of the rare bloody figures or glow in the dark figures here.

This one feels like a bigger one. Let’s see. I’ve being told to get more in front of the camera. I’m sorry if I was off camera there a little bit. There’s another Freddy. There he is.

All right. Let’s see. Let’s get some figures I don’t have yet. Let’s get Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees or … Chucky. Let’s see. All right. Who do we have now in here? We have … A-ha. Nice. Michael Myers covered in blood with his bloody knife. There he is. All right.


Who’s next in the set here? For those of you that would like an update on the dog, he is tearing into something in that kitchen man. There is probably going to be garbage all over my kitchen but I will suffer through it for you on YouTube so you can see this wonderful unboxing here. Boy is that dog going to get it when we are done. I’m just kidding. He’s not going to get anything. He’s just being a dog. All right, another Michael Myers again. We got 2 of him.

I’m finding a lot of these … A lot of the doubles are sort of right next to each other. If you’re just looking to pick up 1 or 2 of these, try to pick them from different spots in the case I guess because I’m almost done with the whole top row and I haven’t seen Jason or Chucky. Who else? Ash. The guy from House of a Thousand Corpses. Captain Spaulding I think his name is. Hopefully they’re all in the bottom row there but it will be interesting that they would kind of pack them out that way. Or maybe that’s just the case I got. Who knows?

This feels like a big one. Who did we get? Another Pennywise from IT. There he is. Now, let’s see who we got on the bottom row here. Hopefully we’re going to get a bunch of the people I don’t have yet. That was the point of getting this case. I’ve already got 2 of a lot of the characters.

Let’s see what the bottom row brings out here. Let’s see here. We’ve got … Nice, we’ve got an Ash from Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness, 3 of my favorite movies. Very cool looking. Pretty bad ass actually. Nice representation of him. There he is. I’ll get him over to the side there.

ash-evil dead

All right, now I pulled this one from right next to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another Ash because that seems to be how it’s going. Hoping that it’s not and it’s … I really want it to be a rare figure, so let’s see … Yeah, how do you like that? Another Ash. That seems to be a pretty confirmed pattern that the 2 boxes next to each other are the same figure. Keep that in mind if you’re going to pick a couple of these up. That’s something I didn’t realize.

Let’s see what we have here in this box. We’ve got … Feels like a small one. Could it be Jason did we finally get? Oh, very cool. This is Billy from the Saw movies. He is one of the rare figures. He is 1 in 72. That is very cool that I got him. It’s my first rare figure in the box. I’m happy I got at least 1 of him. Hopefully I got 1 more rare figure in there.


The bloody Leatherface is 1 in 72, and then the blood Chucky is 1 in 144. He’s a real tough one to find. Then the glow in the dark Pennywise is also 1 in 144. Those 2, if I get one of those that’d make me really happy because I know those are going to be tough to track down. Not tough to track down. I’m sure they’re on Ebay, but they’re probably expensive on Ebay. If I can get them in the case that would be much, much better.

Awesome. Jason Voorhees. Based on his appearance from the NES video game, which is a really cool color scheme for him. Never appeared in the movie but if you remember that game from back in the day, it was pretty terrible to be honest, but what are you going to do? That’s what he looked like in that game.


Let’s see what else we got here. I’m glad I’m starting to get some of the figures I don’t have. Hopefully I got to pull Chucky I think? Oh yeah, Chucky. I didn’t get Leatherface yet either. Okay, there’s regular Jason Voorhees. Both of these are 2 in 24. There they are next to each other there. Let’s see here. All right. Murray come here buddy. Come here, Murray. Come here Murray. Come here Murray. He is definitely into something he shouldn’t be into in there. Murray, come here buddy. He’s ignoring me.

We’re going to open the rest of these up pretty quickly so I can go see what my dog is up to. Let’s get through these. There’s another Jason there. All right. Same guy so we’re going to put him to the side. I’ve got 6 more including this one. Let’s see if we can pull 1 more rare figure out here and let’s see if I can complete my collection with a Leatherface and a Chucky, and you know what I didn’t get Captain Spaulding yet either.

Let’s hope those guys are in here as I rip this thing apart here. All right. This feels like a big heavy one. Who is this? Ah, there he is. We got Leatherface, the regular variant, not the bloody variant. There he is. That’s good. I’m finally getting something that I didn’t have.


This was right next to it, so who knows. Probably another Leatherface. Or maybe it’s one of the ones I don’t have. Yeah, look at that, another Leatherface. There you go. So much for these being random. It seems like they very much have a method of packing these which I didn’t expect but that seems to be it. That’s kind of good to know. All right.

Now what else do we got here? We have … Whoops. As he flies across the table, we got Chucky finally in his regular variant there. There he is. It’s not a variant. I shouldn’t say that. It’s just the regular old Chucky there, not the bloody version.


I’ve got 3 more. 3 more changes to get a rare figure. This is, well you probably guessed it. It’s probably another Chucky. Then I guess, the last 2 are probably 2 Captain Spauldings I got in there I bet. I bet you any money. All right, yeah, another Chucky. I called it. I bet these 2 … These are the last 2 here. We’re going to get 2 Captain Spauldings. Unless I’m lucky and one of these is a rare figure, but somehow I doubt it.

Let’s see. Hey, all right, Captain Spaulding. There he is. Another Captain Spaulding. I think the only one I didn’t get… No, I’m guessing it’s another Captain Spaulding.

captain spaulding

I didn’t open the thing yet but … The only 1 I didn’t get 2 of it looks like is the NES version of Jason because I guess instead of that I got Billy the puppet there from Saw. That’s okay. I’d rather get the variant. All right, so there it is. Another Captain Spaulding. There’s all the guys. I’ve got them, well I’ve kind of all dumped them over here. Maybe we can get a shot of all the guys. I won’t take the time to stand them all up. I’ll lay them all down so you can see them. Not bad, I wish I wouldn’t have gotten 1 more harder to find variant but I guess that’s why they’re hard to find because there’s only 1 in the whole case. That said, I did get a cool one.

group shot

I hope you enjoyed that. I hope my dog is okay. I’m sure he’s fine. He’s just making a mess in the kitchen. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I really like this set. I think they’re really neat representations of these classic horror characters. Kind of a fun take on them there and it’s nice to discover that pretty much the figures are right next to each other, so pick them for different parts of the case there if you’re looking to pick individual figures. I’ll probably wind up getting a whole set. I’ll see if I can track down the other variants I don’t have. I’ll put that up when I’ve got it and that’s it. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks a lot guys.

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