Funko Marvel Mystery Minis SDCC Exclusives Full Set Unboxing

Hello everyone. I have here a Marvel Mystery Minis San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Assortment. I want to show you the box. It says, San Diego Comic-Con Assortment A. As far as I know, there’s only 1 assortment. I don’t think there’s an assortment B or C like some of the other Funko sets that are out there. What’s neat about this set is they’re all either repaints or resculpts of the existing Marvel Mystery Minis. There they are.

From what I understand, if you get the box, I expected them to come in a display box, you’ll get the whole set. Because there’s only 12 of them in the set. This is the first time looking at them there. It looks pretty similar to the Marvel Mystery Minis boxes that are already out there, but you can see it says, Comic-Con International on the top there and it’s got the different characters on the sides there as well. You can see on the back there who is in the set. It looks like we’ve got Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Deadpool, Thanos, Ultron, Phoenix, a couple of different Deadpools in there, some metallic figures, some glow in the dark figures.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s open them up. I really hope I get the whole set. Now, I wasn’t able to go to Comic-Con this year, but that’s okay. I will go in 1 of these years. I’ll definitely make it to the New York Comic-Con because that’s closer to where I live. I’ll be picking up the cool stuff there. Of course, if you like these, I have other Marvel Mystery Mini unboxings up. Make sure you go check those out.

For my first figure is Spiderman. That’s cool. He’s a different sculpt than the Spiderman in the regular series. He’s shooting his web there. There you go.


Again, all of these are 1 in 12. I like that Funko is doing this now. They’re doing these smaller sets of 12 figures that if you buy the case, you pretty much are guaranteed to get the whole set, which is cool. There’s no crazy 1 in 144 variants you have to hunt down and pay a lot of money for it on eBay. Although it can be fun to hunt them down and open one up and find out that you’ve got the rare figure that is pretty cool. I also like to complete this to get the whole set.

Now, there is mister Deadpool. I believe that this is the metallic one. He doesn’t really look terribly metallic, but it says on the package that that’s it, he’s metallic. Whatever, there you go. I have to put him next to the other Deadpool and see how different he looks, if he’s maybe a a little bit shinier there.


In some of these, look at the package of Thanos and the Ultron. I’m not sure, the Thor, how different they are than the regular figures. I have to do maybe another quick video and compare it to and see what’s different. So far, 2 different figures. That’s good.

Let’s see what we got here. Cool, we’ve got an Ultron. It’s nice too, because in the regular set, Ultron is 1 in 72. Here, look at that, I’ve already got him. He is probably posed a little bit differently than the regular Ultron. He doesn’t look that much different.


Let’s see here. For the next figure, number 4, there’s also a Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Guardians of the Galaxy set. I will be getting that very soon and I’ll do an unboxing on that too to add to my collection. Cool, there’s Phoenix. It looks like that’s regular Phoenix. I don’t think that’s the glow in the dark version I see on the package. That’s a different sculpt because in a regular set, she has flames on her feet and she’s flying out of the flames there. That’s cool.


Let’s see here. Of course, if you’ve watched my videos, you know who my favorite character of all time is Thanos. I don’t care if he’s only slightly different. I’m definitely excited about getting another Thanos figure. We have Thor. Now Thor, he doesn’t really look much different than the other Thor. I think maybe he’s got a different expression on his face. He might be holding the hammer in a different hand there. That’s cool.


I was hoping they do a couple of new characters in this set too, but I guess they’re saving that for the series 2. I’m sure that they’ll do a Marvel Mystery Minis series 2 at some point.

Let’s see here. We’ve got another Deadpool. Now he looks metallic, I guess, because he’s silver. He’s the silver metallic Deadpool there. We got him. Let’s see. He’s up to something.


As usual, my dog is tearing something up in the background. Crazy. I’m sure that it’s him doing an unboxing of his own. There he is. My man, Thanos. He’s head is a little off center there. That sucks. I’m trying to see, he’s a- I don’t see what’s much different about him. I don’t think he’s got the gauntlet on. Maybe that’s the difference. He’s not wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, but he looks cool there.


Let’s see here. We’ve got metallic Hulk. There he is, green and shiny.


Again, I’m not sure why we’re getting metallic variants or glow in the dark variants. They don’t necessarily go metallic or glow in the comics, but that seems to be what these companies do to make a variant. They just add that feature to them so they can use the same sculpt, but have a different figure.

It’s annoying. I’d rather see a repaint or something that is conducive to what’s in the comics. Now, this is pretty cool. This is the blue Deadpool, the blue and yellow. I think that’s a cool costume. I really like that one a lot. I’m fine with it. It’s a repaint. These are all 3 of the same figure, but I like the different colors and different costumes on it. They didn’t just change one small thing. I’m okay with that.


We should be getting, let’s see, the glow in the dark Phoenix, regular Hulk, and who am I missing? Metallic Spiderman. Hopefully if I get those 3, I’ve only got 3 left, I’ll have the whole set. I’ll be very annoyed if I get a double, but I don’t think I’m going to.

Let’s see. We’ve got glow in the dark Phoenix, who looks weird there. I guess she’ll look a lot cooler when she’s glowing at night, but if you watched my Street Fighter video, you know glow in the dark doesn’t always work, so I’m not going to embarrass myself here by shutting the light off. It’s too much day anyway. She doesn’t want to stand up either, so lay down there, Phoenix. We’ll get her to stand up later.


2 more and we’ll have the whole set. I’ve got lots more videos coming up too, besides of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I’ll have the full set of the Street Fighter Kidrobot figures that I want to do a video for, to show you. There’s Game of Thrones San Diego Comic-Con exclusives I want to get. There he is. I like this one. Shiny Spiderman, metallic Spiderman. That looks neat, actually.


There he is. Turn the camera around, sweetheart. Take Mario over there. I’m sorry everybody. Look at him. Look at him in the den. There he is. There he is with a box. He’s doing his own unboxing over there. Anyway, I just looked up and saw him carrying the box like he’s doing nothing wrong. Anyway, thanks for indulging me. Here’s the last one.

Let’s see here. This should be, I think, regular Hulk. Let’s see who this should be. What do you know? That’s who we’ve got. There we go.


There’s the whole set. Overall, I like them. I do wish there was some new characters in there, but I like these characters to begin with. There’s certainly plenty of Deadpools in this site. I don’t know if we necessarily need it with so many more Deadpools, but they all look cool. Who am I to complain? There’s Spiderman, I’m always happy about another Thanos, Phoenix doesn’t want to stand. There’s always one in a set that doesn’t want to stand up.


Anyway guys, there you go. I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow me on Twitter and subscribe. Thank you very much. Keep on collecting. Thanks a lot.

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