Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Vinyl Bobble-Heads Hot Topic Exclusive Full Case Unboxing

Hey, everyone. I just picked up a case of these Marvel Mystery Minis at Hot Topic. The reason I got it there is because there are 4 exclusive Hot Topic figures and I happened to stop by there today and I was very lucky that they had a case. I’m going to go ahead and unbox them to see who I get. Hopefully I get some of these Hot Topic exclusive figures. You’ve got the glow and the dark Hulk, yellow Deadpool, gray Deadpool and then the hardest one to find, the Phoenix with the clear flames.

I picked some up the other day and I did a quick unboxing video of them. Let’s get this open here. They’re all falling out, what do you know? If you look at the back of the package here, let’s get that for you, so you guys can see and compare it to the regular package. You can see that the Hot Topic figures aren’t available anywhere else, which makes sense, they’re Hot Topic exclusives. Like I said, hopefully we’ll get some of those Hot Topic guys and I really, really hope I get a Thanos in there because he’s my favorite character. Let’s see. Let’s see who it is that we get.

There’s 24 of these to open, so I may as well get started. Let’s move the camera back here a little bit so we can see. Now what I’m interested to see is the last time I did one of these Funko unboxings for the Horror Mystery Minis, all of the characters are basically next to each other. I opened up 2 boxes in a row and I got 2 Freddies, then 2 Jasons, then 2 Leatherface. I’m wondering if they packed these out the same way. It’d be a little odd to do it that way, but let’s see.

Let’s see the very first one I get is, hopefully it’s somebody cool. I’m also a big fan of Silver Surfer, so I’m sure he’ll wind up being in here. Oh, look at that, I got Loki. He is the common Loki. Oh, and they’re bobble heads too, so there’s his head going there like crazy. He’s 2 in 24 so he’s the common Loki. There’s also 1 in every 144 Loki with his staff there. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and get him. There’s Loki. We’ll put him aside.


Let’s see who I get in this next one here. All right. You know I bought a couple of these the other day and I really liked them so of course I caved and got myself a case so I could do another unboxing video. Hope you guys enjoy it. My wife likes these too, so I guess I could get away with getting a case. Hey, look at that. There’s my first Hot Topic exclusive. Not bad for my second box open there. That’s the orange Deadpool, or yellow Deadpool, rather. Sorry. He’s 1 in every 24, so I guess there’s only going to be 1 of him in here. There he is. I’m excited about that. That’s awesome, that’s part of the reason why I bought this case was to get some of these exclusive guys. So, cool. There’s yellow Deadpool.


If I get that Phoenix with the clear flames I’ll be really excited because I’ve seen her selling for a ton of money on eBay and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on eBay to complete my set, so I really, really hope I can get some decent rare ones in here. Usually getting these cases, you usually wind up with a full base set and you usually get 1 or 2 rares.

This wasn’t even sealed up. He just popped out of there. There he is, Frank Castle the Punisher looking pretty angry. I like him. There he is. I really like the Garth Ennis Punisher series, especially his Punisher Max stuff. If you haven’t read that, it’s really worth a read. It’s real good. His Marvel Knights Punisher stuff is good, but when he went to the Max line, that stuff is fantastic. I definitely recommend it. Anyway, that’s my little aside there about the Punisher. He’s 2 in 24 so he’s a common guy there.


Let’s see who’s in this one. What I like too, is so far I’m not getting the same character right next to each other. I like that there’s a little more variety to who I’m opening up here. Let’s see who we got. This is, oh, another Loki. Is it the same 1 that I got? Yeah, okay. That’s fine, he’s 2 in 24 so I figured I was going to get another one of him. He’s cool. Loki’s a cool character. Obviously pretty popular now because of the excellent portrayal of him in the Marvel movies. There he is. I can’t help myself playing with the little bobble head there. Okay, and he fell over. I was probably messing with this. Oh, he wants to fall over, so let him fall over. What are you going to do?

All right, so now rip these open here. Let’s see. This one doesn’t want to open. Hopefully somebody’s cool in here and not another Frank Castle or somebody I already have. Oh, there’s Spiderman. Is he on camera? There you go. I ruined the surprise before he was on camera there. I like that they have him, his kneeling position there. Not really kneeling, but you know what I’m trying to say. There he is. Spiderman’s 2 in 24. Makes sense, popular character obviously so there’s going to be a bunch of him. I’m sure another one of him will show up in the case in a bit. Stand up there Spiderman.


All right, so we’ve got another one here that I’ll rip open for you. All right, let’s see here. I think it’s kind of fun, actually, that these are bobble heads. I wasn’t sure I would like the bobble heads, I’m not usually a big bobble head guy, but it’s kind of grown on me. I wonder why they made these bobble heads and not any of their other ones, but it works well.

Oh, neat. This is one of my favorite figures in the series, Green Goblin. He’s looking pretty cool. He’s actually not shown on the package of the Hot Topic exclusives, but he is on the regular package and he’s 2 in 24 as well. Of course I’m looking for my regular package here and I can’t find it. Yeah, he’s 2 in 24.

So, we might wind up with another one of him as well. Although, obviously I would sacrifice some of these 2 in 24 characters for some of the harder ones to find. We’ll see as we get deeper into the case there. I love he’s got his little pumpkin bomb there. He looks pretty happy to be a bad guy. He’s got his bobbly head of course. There he is, Green Goblin. Put you right next to your friend Spiderman there.


Who do we have next? Boy, this one doesn’t want to rip open. Let’s see. Okay. I’ll spend half the video trying to unwrap this one package. There we go. Let’s open this up, see who we get. This package is stuck here. Okay. Let’s see, let’s try to get this one on camera so you guys can see this as soon as I do, here.

Who do we got? Hey, nice. A Hot Topic exclusive figure. Now I’ve got 2 of the Hot Topic figures so that is great. This one didn’t want to come out of the package. This one was a tough one to get open, but there he is. That’s the gray Deadpool. His head is a little popped up there. Maybe if I get another one it won’t be so pronounced. That’s pretty neat. He’s the gray variant. Another Hot Topic exclusive. He’s 2 in 24 so who knows, there might be another one of him in there. There he is. Pretty neat. There’s the back of him with his swords. There we go. We’ll set him aside.


Okay, oh, the other Loki fell over. He doesn’t want to stand up, so what are you going to do? All right. Now let’s see. Boy, I should have got myself some scissors or something. There we go. I feel like a wuss, I can’t open a simple piece of plastic, there, jeez. Okay, so let’s see. This is my eighth one. So far I’ve only got the one double. I got one Loki, so that’s not too bad. Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon.

Oh, he just fell out, too. Who is that? That is Thor. Looking pretty good. It’s a nice representation of him. Cool wings on the helmet there. He’s 2 in 24 as well, so he’s a common one. There he is with his cape, his hammer. I don’t believe there’s any variants of him, so that’s the only Thor we have in there. I’ll put you near Loki over there, near your brother.


Okay, I just knocked all of them over. I’m trying to stack them up. I’m not doing too good of a job of it, but oh well. Let’s see who we got in this one? So far, so good. I already have a Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom. I have a separate video of those 2 first ones that I opened. I’m sure I’ll get them in here again. I’m ripping these bags open and it turns out, they are already open. That’s less work for me. There’s another Green Goblin as you can see which I expected, 2 in 24. There he is, we’ve already seen him so let’s put him down.

All right. Let’s see if I get somebody cool and different in here. There’s also an Ultron, he’s 1 in 72. Thanos is 1 in 72. Then that Loki with the weapon is 1 in every 144, and then the Phoenix with the clear flames is 1 in 144. Those, I think, are the 4 really tough ones to get. If I got one of them in this set I’d be pretty happy about that.

Let’s see. Now, I’ve learned my lesson. This is opened already. Sort of opened. Who’s in there? Another Loki? That’s kind of a bummer. I got three Loki’s now. All right. He’s supposed to be 2 in 24. Now I’ve got 3 of them. All right. I’m hoping to get somebody else, but okay. I got another Loki. You’re probably going to wind up on eBay there, Loki. There you go.

All right. We’ve seen Loki already, 3 times. Let’s see who we get in here. There we go. Let’s see. That’s weird, this one’s not opened. I guess I do have to rip them open. Okay. There we go. Hey, awesome. We got Galactus. I hunger. He’s pretty neat. One of my favorite characters.

I really love all the Marvel cosmic stuff, especially Jim Starlin, Ron Mars stuff, back in the Infinity Gauntlet days. Galactus was around a lot in the Silver Surfer comics, those days. One of my favorite characters. Looks pretty neat. Stuff on his helmet looks pretty cool there. Overall a nice job with him there. His giant head, which is appropriate. I’m happy about that. Cool character. He’s 2 in 24 as well. Again, a common guy down.


All right, so we’re almost done with the whole top row there. Let’s see who’s this last one in the top row. Maybe it’s somebody really, really cool. Maybe one of the super rare ones, I hope. I’m back to ripping these open. Let’s see, who is there? Hey. Somebody we’ve just seen. It’s another Galactus who does not want to come out. There you go.

Oh this one, boy, look at that. I’m glad I got 2 of these because this one is busted. His head just comes right off there. All right, well, I’ll give him to, probably my nephew or something. Oh well. I already have 1 of him. That does kind of suck that he’s busted, but what are you going to do? I guess it’s not that big of a deal. I’d be pissed if I get one of the rare ones and it’s busted, then I’ll be really unhappy, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Okay, so let’s see here. I still haven’t gotten the glow and the dark Hulk. He’s supposed to be 2 in 24 and he’s one of the Hot Topic exclusive guys. Let’s see, is that who’s in here? Hey, it’s another Green Goblin. I’m getting 3 of the same guys. That’s kind of lame. I’m not too thrilled about that, but there he is. All right. Get down there Green Goblin.

I hope I start getting some of the guys I’m missing. I haven’t gotten Silver Surfer yet, a regular Phoenix. Who else am I missing? A regular Hulk. Glow in the dark Hulk. Who else? There’s also a red Deadpool with his weapons out that’s a 1 in every 144 too. There’s some pretty rare guys, or there’s quite a few rare ones in this set that I’m probably going to have to hunt down and hopefully not pay ridiculous amounts of money on eBay for.

Let’s see who is in here. Boy, really? Another Green Goblin? That sucks. I got 4 of this guy. I like him, but I don’t need 4 of him. Wow. Everybody’s getting a Green Goblin stocking stuffer this Christmas. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all those Green Goblins.

All right, let’s see who we have here. Green Goblin and Loki, I love you, but let’s not have any more of you in here. Let’s get some cool guys. Come on Thanos or clear flames Phoenix or Ultron. Come on. Somebody cool in here. I don’t want the rest of the video me opening 10 Lokis. Hey look everybody it’s another Loki.

Hey, awesome. I got an Ultron. He’s one of the rare ones. He’s 1 in 72. Not as beloved by me as Thanos is, but he’s still an awesome character. He looks pretty menacing. I love the look on his face there and of course he’s going to be featured in the new Avengers movie so I’m sure he’ll be more popular than ever once that movie comes out. I’m happy. That makes up for the 1000 Green Goblins I just got. Nice. He’s 1 in 72. I’m sure I mentioned that a hundred times, but there he is. That’s good.


All right, I got a rare one, I’m happy about that. Let’s get some more rare ones in here and I’ll feel pretty good about picking up this case. I’m a little surprised I haven’t gotten some of the more common ones too, but I also have 8 more after this one to open, so they’re probably sitting in there waiting for me. Who’s in here? We have another gray Deadpool which I expected. I dropped him. He’s 2 in 24. I’m not so surprised I got another one of him. Hopefully there’s not 2 more of him in the case taking up the space of other figures I’d rather get. There he is, Hot Topic exclusive Deadpool. There you go.

I did get 3 exclusive figures so far, Hot Topic ones. 2 of the same, but still. I can’t get them anywhere else. For those who might not know, Hot Topic is a store here in the US, in case you’re outside the US watching this, that sell, I don’t know, like goth-y, trendy type stuff. I don’t know if that’s really the right way to describe it. There’s a lot of Doctor Who stuff and Walking Dead stuff and t-shirts and things like that. I don’t know. Am I describing Hot Topic well? Probably not. I don’t really shop there except when they have cool vinyl exclusives like this.

It does annoy me though, when companies do exclusives so you can only get it at 1 place which sucks if you’re not near that place and you want to collect them, you got to search online or find them on eBay or Amazon and pay a bunch of money for them, it kind of sucks, but that’s the world of toy collecting, I suppose. If you haven’t figured it out, there’s another Punisher. Frank Castle, there he is. I got off on a little tangent there. He’s 2 in 24. Not too surprised I got another one of him. I do like Punisher.

Okay, let’s see now. Who else have we got? I could use another Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom because my wife promptly confiscated the 2 that I got because she liked them. If they’re the only 2 missing from this set, I’m going to have to somehow steal them back from her and just get the other ones on eBay or something.

Hey, nice. It’s my third Hot Topic exclusive figure. I’ve got 2 of the 4. It’s glow in the dark Hulk. Why he would glow in the dark, I’m not too sure. Maybe because of his gamma radiation or maybe that was in a comic I’m not familiar with. I’m not too, too up on my Hulk mythos. There he is. He’s 2 in 24 as well. Looking pretty cool there. I’m happy. I’ve got 2 of the 4 Hot Topic exclusives. If I get that clear flame Phoenix in here that would be awesome. I’d have all 4 of the Hot Topic guys and then I can just hunt down all the other ones.


Let’s see here. All right, come on, a regular Phoenix would be nice. I’m still missing quite a few from the set. I guess the packouts on these Hot Topic boxes are a little different, which again, makes a lot of sense. Here we go, who is this? Okay, we got another Spiderman. There he is. We’ve already seen him. Moving right along.

Let’s see if there’s anybody else in here we haven’t seen. Okay. I really enjoy getting a case of these and ripping them open. I like the blind box aspect of things. I feel like the blind box really forces the company to make a decent line because if it’s a good set, you should be happy about buying the blind box and don’t really care who you get if all the figures are cool. Are you kidding me? What is the deal? What is Green Goblin doing in this entire box? All right. Clearly somebody at Hot Topic I guess really likes Green Goblin. What do I got, 5 of him now? Jeez.

I’m happy about getting Hot Topic guys. That’s the main reason I bought this case. I’m happy I got Ultron, but I’m a little disappointed with the packout of this case. To get so many doubles. You expect a couple, but so many of the same figure. It’s kind of lame. I’ve only got 3 more after this, is what I’m trying to say, so I’m hoping … Hey, another glow in the dark Hulk. There he is. Saw him already. What do you know? I’ve got 3 more to open, so hopefully I get another rare in here. I really would like a Thanos or a clear flamed Phoenix. I don’t know. I definitely don’t want any more Green Goblins. For a character that’s not even on the Hot Topic packaging, there sure was a heck of a lot of him in here.

Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Who do we have? Okay. Boy, I was trying to stack these up nice and neat to do a nice group shot at the end of this video and boy did I not do a good job at that because they are just all knocked over. Hey, it’s another Thor. There he is. Saw him already. At least his heads not busted like Galactus there.

Let’s see who I’ve got. I’ve got 2 more. Don’t disappoint me. Give me somebody cool, worthwhile that I picked up this case. I finally got the Hot Topic guys that I wanted, so I’m happy that there wasn’t always … I would have been pissed if there was only 1 Hot Topic figure in this whole thing, so I’m glad about that. There we go, another Thor. All right. I have you already though, Thor. I have 3 of you now. You can go next to my 700 Green Goblins and 12 Lokis that I have. All right.

I’m a little disappointed in the packout of this case, I have to say. I would have expected a little more variety. This is my last box so I’m really hoping that I get a rare guy in here. Oh, sorry everybody. I just knocked over the camera. My bad. On the last box. Now it really better be somebody cool. Let’s see. Now the camera doesn’t want to get set up right again, sorry. Oh, jeez. All right. Of course on the last box I’m going to screw everything up. All right. I hope you guys are enjoying this, watching me open 20 boxes of Green Goblin.

Let’s see who we have? Come on. Give me a Thanos or the clear Phoenix and this will end on a high note. Give me another Green Goblin and everybody will just be laughing at me and I’ll be laughing at myself. Let’s see, we have Spiderman. How anticlimactic. Okay. Well, here’s everybody that I knocked over. It’s kind of not the best group shot. I’m really sorry about that. I guess the lesson here is, boy, don’t buy a case from Hot Topic unless you’re looking for those Hot Topic figures. I probably could have bought a regular case and bought the Hot Topic figures separately. I don’t know.


Overall I am happy that I got these Hot Topic guys. I am happy that I got an Ultron. That is a nice find in there. There he is again. What I’m surprised, like on the box it shows the regular Phoenix as being 2 in 24. I didn’t get any of her. Regular Dr. Doom as being 2 in 24. Silver Surfer 2 in 24. Scarlet Witch. I didn’t get any of them. I just got a bunch of the Green Goblins and Lokis. I could probably track those down on eBay or maybe I’ll buy a few more of these cases and unbox them and maybe I’ll get lucky.

On the regular side here, the not Hot Topics who am I missing? Yeah, the Deadpool 1 in 144. Thanos. Silver Surfer. Yeah, so I have a few more to get the set which I’ll probably wind up doing. If I wind up getting the whole set, I’ll post a video of that. It might take some time. I got to watch how much money I spend on these things. As much as I want Thanos, if he’s a million dollars on eBay, he’s going to have to wait.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the video. I will be posting more videos as I collect more stuff and empty more of my wallet. On that note, I hope everybody enjoyed. If you did, check out my other videos, please subscribe. There’s lots more on the way. That’s it. Enjoy. Thanks.

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