Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Vinyl Bobblehead Figures Complete Set Review – Not Quite An Unboxing

Hey everybody, I’m here to share with you my complete set of Marvel Mystery Minis from Funko. This is their Vinyl Bobblehead series, and you can see that’s the whole set on the back, I’m going to show everybody to you. I also have all 4 of the rare Hot Topic variants too, so I wanted to show those as well. Instead of staring at this box here, let’s start with the figures.

The first one is the Hulk, there he is, and he is the one of the common ones, he is 2 in 24, you can take a look at him. Of course I’ll probably knock all of them over which I always do, there he is.


Then you’ve got Thor, let me grab Thor here, there he is, another one of the avengers. I’m surprised they said they didn’t put all the avengers in here, there’s no Captain America or Black Widow, Hawkeye. I guess those will be in series 2 I’m sure. There we go, there’s Thor, he’s 2 in 24.


Then next on the package they have one of the super rare figures, this is Loki with his staff, and he’s 1 in every 144 packs, so he’s one of the harder ones to find.

loki with staff

To show you the regular Loki, there he is, he’s 2 in 24. I like that’s its a totally different sculpt it’s a different face. There are two different figures it’s not like they just did a repaint which they did for some of the Hot Topic ones which I’ll show you in a minute. There we go, there’s Hulk, Thor, and Loki, of course the regular Loki, he’s 2 in every 24.


Then you got Spider-man and also my cat. There’s Sofia. Hi Sofia, how are you? There is Spider-man, he’s 2 in 24. Say hello, Sofia, to everybody. It’s as though you were the dog coming in and messing everything up, “Oh, don’t touch me.” Here’s Spider-man, who’s 2 in 24.


Then of course you’ve got the classic Spider-man bad guy, Green Goblin there. He’s one of my favorites. I love the expression on his face and he’s got … I don’t know if you can tell, there’s a little nose and it’s actually pronounced on the figure head, it sticks out a little bit. I thought it was just flat against his face, so there is Green Goblin, he’s 2 in 24 so he shouldn’t be too hard to find.

green goblin

Then you’ve got Deadpool here, one of the more popular characters of the moment. He’s 2 in 24 as well. Deadpool you can see his swords across back there.


Deadpool … I want to stop for a minute where we were talking about Deadpool because he’s one of the ones that has a bunch of variants. One of them is the regular 1 in every 144 variant, so he’s got his guns out there, and again this guy is pretty hard to find, he’s only 1 in every 144 packs, so there he is.

deadpool with guns

Then you’ve got the 2 Hot Topic Deadpools, which I’ll show you, you’ve got the one in his yellow costume, which you can see is just a repaint of the other red one. I believe he’s 2 in 24 but you can only find them in Hot Topic packages. This guy too you can only get at Hot Topic, he’s I believe 1 in 24, that’s Deadpool and his great costume. Again, he’s a repaint of the 1 in 144 Deadpool.

yellow deadpool

There he is, it’s interesting this one has the red eyes the rest of them had the one white eyes there. If you’re a fan of Deadpool and you want to get all these Deadpool figures, you got some hunting to do especially for this guy, the 1 in 144, and the red one, he’s pretty tough to get. That’s it for the Deadpool ones for you. These 2 are 2 of the 4 of the Hot Topic variants, we’ll get to the rest in a minute.

gray deadpool

Actually I’ll show you one now, this is glow in the dark Hulk, he’s 2 in 24. I think I mixed up there, the yellow Deadpool is 1 in 24. The grey Deadpool is 2 in 24, so the yellow one is a little tougher to find. This is glow in the dark hulk, he’s 2 in 24 in the Hot Topic packs, and you can see he is just a repaint of the green Hulk, he doesn’t want to stand up, there he is, then you got glow in the dark Hulk there. I’ll see if the fourth Hot Topic variant before the end, but we’ll get to that one in a little bit. That’s all for the Deadpool and the Hulk variants.

glow in the dark hulk

Then we got Punisher, he’s 2 in 24. He looks really cool, he’s got a great expression on his face too, he’s ready to get some bad guys, I suppose, there he is.


Then after the Punisher, you’ve got one of the harder ones to find, is Phoenix. Phoenix is 1 in 24, but that’s a great figure, I love the fire on the base, she’s coming out of there. She’s a little tough to find because there is only one of her in a case but still pretty awesome. You can see the back there, I like her belt or whatever that is, falling off of her.


While we are still on the subject of Phoenix, she is the other Hot Topic variant, she is the fourth Hot Topic variant, she’s Phoenix with clear flames in the base. It’s the only thing that’s different, but this one with the clear flames is probably the hardest figure in the entire set to get. She is 1 in every 144 packs, but only at Hot Topic.

So you have to find a Hot Topic that has this, and you have to be lucky enough to get this figure, she doesn’t want to stand up. She goes for a ton of money on eBay, you can’t really often find her on eBay let alone in a Hot Topic store, so if you’re able to track this one down, you’re very lucky. Again Hot Topic Phoenix there with the clear flames hardest figure to get in the set. I keep knocking her over, there you go.

phoenix clear flames

After Phoenix we’ve got Dr Doom, he’s 2 in 24, looking quite menacing there. I really do like the expression on a lot of these bad guys, this is just a blank expression, and like I’m looking mean and ready to fight. There he is. You can see he’s got his cap on the back there, nicely done.

dr doom

After Dr Doom, one of my favorites Silver Surfer, love all the Marvel Comics stuff, Silver Surfer is definitely one of them. I’d like to see them do something with him in the new Fantastic Four movies, and do better than they did in a lot of Fantastic Four movies. I guess that remains to be seen, so there is Silver Surfer on his board. He’s 2 in 24.

silver surfer

Then you’ve got Scarlet Witch who is going to play a big role in the new Avengers movie, probably not in that costume but nevertheless. I’m sure she’ll soon become a popular character after that movie. People who aren’t familiar with her they’re soon to be, there she is. It’s Scarlet Witch which is 2 in 24, so is Surfer.

scarlet witch

Then you’ve got Galactus, also one of my favorites, he’s 2 in 24, I like him a lot. I’d like to see him show up in a movie too, in the last Fantastic Four movie he was just a smoke cloud, it was kind of disappointing. I’d like to see him get the big screen treatment at some point in his full glory, who knows one of these days, possibly.


Then we’ve got 2 of the other rare figures I should say, you’ve got Ultron, also going to be a big part of the new Avenger’s movie. It is titled Age of Ultron, of course he’s going to be huge part of it, played by James Spader in the movie. He is 1 in 72, he’s one of the harder ones to find.


Last but not least my absolute favorite character of all time, Thanos, and man I bought a ton of parts of this, I bought 2 cases, one from Hot Topic, one from eBay and I still couldn’t get him, I had to get him off eBay. Damn he was hard for me to track down, even though he’s not the hardest for me to find, he’s the one figure I really wanted, and he’s the one figure I couldn’t get. There he is, I finally got him off eBay. I loved that he’s wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, I don’t know if you could see all the different colored gems on his hand. I think he’s going to be a big part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out. I think Avengers 3 will probably focus on him. That’s just a guess, I really don’t know. He’s one 1 in 72, so he’s hard to find too.


That’s really it, I really liked this collection, I like the little bobblehead of them. I like the expressions on a lot of their faces, I think it’s a cool set. I wish the Hot Topic variants weren’t tough to track down. If you’re looking for those, be sure to take a look on eBay, or maybe trek to a Hot Topic, maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll have some.

I have other videos up of me unboxing minis if you want to take a look at that. I have also got some other vinyl complete sets coming. I got a complete set of the Game of Thrones minis, so I’ll be putting that up soon. I got a complete set of the 2 DC Scribblenauts vinyls, so I’ll be putting that video up soon. Make sure that if you like this, and hopefully you do, you subscribe and share it, I’ve got plenty more videos on the way. Thank you very much guys, enjoy.

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