Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Vinyl Bobbleheads Full Case Unboxing

Hey everybody. I’m here to do an unboxing of these Marvel Mystery Minis Vinyl Bobbleheads. You can see here all the different characters that are in the set. It’s also listed on the box too as they usually are for these types of things. The reason I bought this case is because this guy right here, the Loki with a staff.

He’s 1 in 144 of these packs, and supposedly, you can see here, this was assortment A, and supposedly assortment A is the assortment that has that random Loki in it. I’m curious to see if he’s actually in here, because that would be pretty interesting if you could tell by what letter assortment it is what rare figures you’re going to get in there, which kind of blows the randomness of it. I’m also really hoping to get a Thanos figure, he’s 1 in 72, and Thanos is my favorite character, so I really would like to see him in here.

I have another video up, I bought a case of these from Hot Topic because there’s Hot Topic exclusive figures, and while I got 3 of the 4 Hot Topic exclusives, I got a really lousy pack out.

I got, nice right out of the gate I got a figure I don’t have. This is Phoenix, and she’s 1 in 24, so there’s probably only 1 of her in here. She’s one of the ones that’s harder to find, really cool bobblehead there. I can’t help playing with their heads, so there’s Phoenix. We’re going to put her off to the side.


Anyway, like I was saying, that Hot Topic case, if you watch the video you’ll see I got a really lousy pack out. I got a ton of doubles, I got like 5 Green Goblins, 4 Lokis. I can’t get this off here. Wow, really? There we go. I got all those doubles and there were some figures I didn’t get even one of. I didn’t get a Hulk or a Silver Surfer. I didn’t get Phoenix in that last one. Some of the more common ones I didn’t even get in the case. Go watch the video, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In the mean time, let’s see who we got here. Fell out the back, Hulk, great, I’m getting a bunch of figures I don’t have right out of the gate. I hope it stays that way, and his head doesn’t want to stop moving, that’s pretty funny. He’s just rocking out there. Hulk’s 2 in 24, so he’s a common figure. We’ll get him off to the side there.


I wanted to find out too, I have another video up too of the Funko horror collection and those, there were 2 of the same figure next to each other all the time, and it seems like that is the same pattern that we’re going to see here, because that seems to be how Funko packs out their cases, because there we go. We got another Hulk, 2 in 24. Stand up Hulk. Hopefully after I unbox this case, I should pretty much have the whole set. I might still be missing 1 or 2 figures, but I guess I’ll have to hunt those down on Ebay.

Speaking of Ebay, any extras I have I’ll probably sell on Ebay, so after you watch this video, go take a look. Maybe you can buy the ones that I don’t need. Let’s see here. All right, hey, look at that, it’s the Loki with the staff, right on top there. He’s 1 in every 144 packs. Pretty interesting.

The guy I bought this from on Ebay had different cases listed as assortment A, assortment B, assortment C. I guess if you’re able to find assortment A, looks like you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting that rare Loki figure. There he is. Pretty cool looking, I like the look on his face. Looking mischievous as he should. There it is, totally worth getting the case just for this guy. Everybody else is gravy.

loki-with staff

If I actually find a Thanos in here too, I don’t want to sound greedy, but if I do find a Thanos I will be especially happy. This will have been doubly worth it. I’m really happy to see that, that’s good. It’s nice to know the guy on Ebay that I bought this from wasn’t just making up stories about getting that rare figure. That’s good to know.

If you are interested and if you liked this video, I’ve got lots of other videos up too with unboxing stuff. Hey, cool, I got Galactus. I’m really happy about that because I got 2 Galactus in the last case, but 1 of them was broken, his head was clean off. I listed some extras on Ebay, and I listed Galactus with them, forgetting I had a broken one, so I sold my good Galactus. There he goes, I can replace my broken Galactus there. I didn’t want to send the broken one to the person who bought it from me on Ebay because that would not be cool.


I really feel like I should have had scissors over here because it’s making me feel less manly that I can’t rip these open here. Thank you wife for laughing at me. My wife is the camerawoman, thank you very much sweetheart. Dr. Doom, nice. He’s 2 in 24, so is Galactus, I don’t know if I mentioned that. They’re some of the more common ones, but still cool looking. There he is. Knocked Galactus over. I’m trying to keep them all nice and stood up so I can do a nice group shot at the end, but sometimes they don’t cooperate too well.

dr doom

Moving on here. This is a nice assortment. The Hot Topic figures, they’re just variants on these figures, so I don’t think they’re essentials. There’s 2 Deadpool variants, a Hulk and a Phoenix variant. I guess if you really like those characters it’s worth getting. Hey, awesome, 1 of my favorite characters, Silver Surfer. He’s 2 in 24 as well. I really love all the Marvel cosmic stuff. The Infinity Gauntlet was the story that got me into comics, so all that Jim Starlin, Ron Marz classic cosmic Marvel stuff I love. Warlock, Thanos, Surfer, it’s just my all time favorite. I’m happy to get Galactus and Surfer.

silver surfer

It’s interesting too, if you’re watching the Marvel movies, it seems like they’re moving towards the Infinity Gauntlet storyline in the movies, which is really, really cool. It certainly makes me very happy. There we go, we got Thor, 2 in 24. I got about a million of him in the Hot Topic case, so not too exciting but still cool looking.


Yeah, if they really wind up doing Infinity Gauntlet with the Avengers 3 or something like that, I think that would be really cool. If you haven’t read the Infinity Gauntlet, you should go read it. It’s a good story.

Whoops, I just ripped this whole thing apart, oh well. Okay, another Galactus. He’s 2 in 24. What I’m noticing, I’m not getting 2 of the same right next to each other so that’s good. I found that a little weird with the case. I’d like to think there’s a little bit of randomness to it, but I guess not. If this is assortment A, I wonder if all assortment A’s are the same pack out. Not enough to go buy another case, but still, it’s interesting to know unboxing these and learning a little bit more about how Funko packs up their stuff. It’s good information to have if you’re hunting down rare figures.

Dr. Doom, we saw him already, you can see him again. Good old Dr. Doom, move over doctor. Give me somebody cool in here. I think at this point I have everybody except Thanos and … I think just Thanos I’m missing. Oh, and the Deadpool, that’s 1 in 144. The Hot Topic Phoenix figure, so there’s 3 I think. Who do we got? Another Silver Surfer. He’s 2 in 24.

Moving right along, won’t spend too much time on Surfer because we already saw him. Who do we have here? This is the last one in the top row, so maybe it’ll be somebody cool, maybe a Thanos. Maybe I can wish myself to get a Thanos. Nope, another Thor. I have plenty of Thor, and his hammer’s broken. That’s pretty lame, what a bummer. At least I have plenty of other Thors. I’ll probably throw him in as a bonus or give it to my nephew or something who will probably break it anyway. I’ll give that one away.

Just kind of disheartened though when in 2 cases I got 2 broken figures. It speaks a little bit to the quality of these. They’re really cool and I like the bobblehead of them, but you shouldn’t be getting broken figures in a case. This felt like a small figure, I can’t tell who this is. Punisher, he’s 2 in 24 as well, one of the common figures. Let me get him out there for you. Good old Frank Castle. There he goes.


I actually like what they did with the Punisher and Punisher Max series. I think I might have mentioned that last time in the video. Garth Ennis’ Punisher Max stuff is pretty good, so check it out if you haven’t. Of course, it’s adults only, it’s pretty violent and there’s lots of person, so get your parent’s permission first before reading it.

Scarlet Witch, she’s 2 in 24, and that character’s going to be featured in the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, and so is her brother Quicksilver. It’s going to be interesting to see how they work that in, because they’re mutants and they can’t use the term mutant in the Marvel studios movies because 20th Century Fox has the rights to use mutant for the X-Men movies.


How do they get their powers? Who knows. I guess we’ll have to watch the movies and find out, right? All right, now we’ve got another Scarlet Witch. This is the first row on the bottom here. I did get an Ultron in the last box too. He’s 1 in 72, so he’s one of the rarer ones, so I was happy about that. I’m running out of room to put these boxes here. All right, another Punisher, there he is, 2 in 24. Move you back by your clone there.

All right, there we go. At this point, who have I not gotten? I haven’t got a Spiderman, a Green Goblin, a Deadpool or a Loki from this case. Which is fine, I don’t need them, but I’m sure they’re going to pop up. Speak of the devil, it’s Spiderman. I like that they’ve got him in his little crouching position there, ready for action.


The new Spiderman movie looks interesting too. At this point, Spiderman 2 hasn’t come out yet, so looking forward to seeing that. Hope they don’t screw it up by having 8 million villains in it, that’s always a red flag to me. I’ll reserve my judgment until I see the actual movie.

There he is, Green Goblin. See, his head is turned, and it’s not supposed to be. I find that very annoying. I got 5 of him in the last case, so I don’t really care because I have him for my collection, but again, where’s the quality control? Why am I getting a broken Thor and a somewhat broken Green Goblin who’s head is not facing the right way? These guys aren’t cheap, they’re between $5 to $10 a pack, depending on where you get them from, so I’d be pretty upset if I bought 1 or 2 of these and I got a broken one.

green goblin

There you go, I guess he just wants to look at Spiderman and threaten him. All right, here’s this one here. Open this with me and let’s see who is in here. Can I get a Thanos or is it going to be another Green Goblin or Loki or somebody else that I have 8 million of? Yep, it’s a Loki. He’s 2 in 24 as well. I have a million of him, but he’s cool looking.

There he is if you want to compare, it’s nice that the one with the staff, they did put a different expression on his face. It’s a different sculpt, he’s in a different pose. I do like that they did that, that the variant isn’t just a repaint, it’s actually a different figure. I like when they do that.


This one right here, after this 1 I’ve only got 4 more left. Hopefully, I’m very excited I got that Loki with a staff. I’m really hoping for 1 more rare figure, even if I get another Ultron. There’s Deadpool, that’s the common Deadpool. He’s 2 in 24. I can’t remember if I got the red Deadpool in my Hot Topic case, so I guess it’s good that I got him here.


We’re almost done. I got 4 more chances to get my Thanos figure. If not, I guess somebody’s going to have a nice day on Ebay, because I’m just going to end up buying him because he’s the only one I need.

This one feels like a small figure, yep, another Spiderman. There you go, there’s Spiderman. We saw him already, I’ll put him over here and Green Goblin’s looking like, “Why are there 2 Spidermen? Oh no.”

I got plastic stuck to me. Here’s the next box, let’s see who’s in here. Let’s get somebody cool, who do we have? We have another Green Goblin, facing the right way this time. 2 in 24 as well. I got just about 2 of all of the common figures, so who didn’t I get 2 of? I don’t know. Maybe another Deadpool.

Let’s see, hopefully I’ll get a nice rare figure in here or I’ll just end up getting 3 of the same character in this case. Who do we have? We have another Loki, yep, 3 of the same guy. No, no, I was looking at the Loki with the staff. 2 Loki, so my guess is this last box here, this is either a Deadpool, because I only got 1 of them, or if I’m really lucky, it’s Thanos because he’s 1 in 72 or it’s another Ultron, because he’s 1 in 72.

With my luck it’s probably a Deadpool, I shouldn’t push my luck because I got the Loki with the staff. Let’s see, who do we have? It’s another Deadpool, that’s what I figured it was going to be. They’re not kidding when they say there’s 2 in 24, there really is 2 in a case. It looks like per case you get 1 rare figure, although I guess, I don’t know if you could really count Phoenix here as a rare figure. She’s only 1 per case, I guess she’s a little rarer, but there you go, those are the 2 rare guys that I got. You can see the rest of them there. Broken Thor, broken Green Goblin, everybody else looking the way they should.

group shot

That’s that. I’m pretty excited, I’m only missing 2 or 3 to make the whole set. I’ll work on completing a set and I’ll get a video up of that too once I’ve got them. I’ve got plenty of other videos up too of vinyl figures unboxing, so if you liked this, please subscribe and please check out the other videos. Thanks a lot.

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