Funko Sci-Fi Science Fiction Mystery Minis Complete Set Showcase & Review – Not Quite An Unboxing

Hello everyone. I wanted to do a quick video today and show you my complete set of the Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis vinyl figures. You can see this is the box here with who is available in the set. I’ll be showing you all those in a minute.

Of course, this is the LootCrate exclusive case because there is a LootCrate exclusive figure, so I’ll be showing you that one too in just a little bit. I really like this set. It’s very cool, has some very cool iconic science fiction characters in it, so let’s take a look.

Starting with the first one on the box, which is Mr. Xenomorph himself, the Alien. I think this is a really, really nice figure, a nice representation of the Alien.


This, Funko’s quality on these sets is getting a lot better. I think it improved greatly with the Guardians of the Galaxy minis that they did and now with this Sci-Fi set the figures are bigger and more detailed. They look more like their actual counterparts in the movie or TV show or whatever. I just think there is really, really, there is just really a lot more attention to detail, I guess, is what I’m trying to say.

There is Mr. Alien, he is listed on the box as 1 in 24, but I don’t think that is right. I think he is 1 in 12, because there is this one, the metallic version of the Alien and he’s listed as 1 in 12, but I opened up the case, you can go watch my unboxing of the case of this, and I got the metallic guy and not the regular guy. No, I’m sorry, I got the regular guy and not the metallic guy. That is what leads me to believe the regular guy is 1 in 12, so, but whatever.

Either way, these metallic figures, I don’t really understand why Funko does them because he’s not metallic in the movie. It’s a little strange, but I have to admit this does look pretty cool even though he’s not silver and metallic in the movie. I do really like this. I think it looks pretty awesome. I guess, maybe, that is why they do it because it just looks cool. Anyway, there you go, so there’s our Alien figures there. We’ve got an Alien and metallic Alien. Okay.


In addition to Alien you have Predator. There he is kind of looking pretty cool. He’s actually got a couple variants I’m about to show you. Predator is 1 in 12, so there is one of him in a case. A case of these is 12 figures even though there’s 17 figures in a set. I did get a case. I got 12 different figures and then I wound up picking up the other figures that I needed on eBay and in a couple cases and everything, so there you go. There he is, so then he’s got the bloody variant.

other predator

Now, I don’t know if you can tell the difference, but I think these bloody variants are a little silly too, but Funko is a big fan of doing them. I do like on this one that the blood is green, so he’s got, I guess, predator blood on him. I like how each one of these is individual instead of just painted on on his head there. His hair, I guess, whatever you want to call this. There you go; there’s the blood variant. Bloody variant is 1 in 24, so he’s not in every case. He’s a little rarer there.


Then, you have another Predator variant which I think is kind of cool. You’ve got the clear variant. That’s, of course, because the Predator can go stealth and turn invisible, you can’t see him, so I do think it’s kind of neat they did just a clear variant of him there, so there he is. Looks just like the other ones only cooler. The clear variant is 1 in 36, so he’s even tougher to find. There you go; there’s all 3 of the Predator variants there. You can see they all look pretty much the same except covered in green blood and clear. There you go, so there’s our Predators, all right.


Then you’ve got somebody a lot less violent, Mr. ET. He looks pretty cool. Again, nice representation of him with his glowing heart there. His glowing finger, I don’t know if the camera can pick that up there, but there he is, Mr. ET. He’s 1 in 12 as well, so he’s one of the more common figures.


Then you’ve got one of the characters from one of my favorite shows of all time, you’ve got Mal from Firefly. If you haven’t seen this show you’re really missing out. You have to check it out. It’s a Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon directed The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire show, Angel, pretty much everything he does is really good, but Firefly is one of his best things. It’s definitely worth checking out.

This is Malcolm Reynolds, the captain of the Serenity Ship in the show. Again, looks pretty cool. He’s got his jacket on there. Very nice detail on this. His golden gun.


Mal is the one that has a LootCrate exclusive version that I was talking about before and that’s this guy, now with a shot gun, so not too different there, but I do like he’s got a, the Loot Crate guy has got a blue shirt instead of a red shirt. He’s got a different pose, so it’s not like they just stuck a shot gun in his hand and called it a day. They did change it up a little bit, so I do appreciate that they did that. I also notice that his face, he’s got red and everything around there. His is more gray detail on there, so that’s interesting. They change it up a little bit for that LootCrate figure, so there you go. There’s both of them.


Mal is 1 in 24. The LootCrate guy came in the September 2014 LootCrate with the galactic theme. Now, I guess you just kind of have to find them on eBay.

You’ve got another guy from Firefly here. You’ve got Jayne wearing his hat his mom sent him which I think is pretty neat that they gave him that. There’s some nice detail here on the hat too. There he is, the back of him there. Jayne is 1 in 36. I was very happy I got Mal and Jayne in my case, so that made me very happy. There he is, his pants a little scuffed up there. There you go. I’d love to see more Firefly characters either in their own set or maybe in the next Sci-Fi set that Funko does.


This is a really cool figure. This is Rob from Robby the Robot, right? From Lost in Space. I think it’s pretty cool that they threw some classic Sci-Fi guys in here too from some older movies. There you go, you can see the detail there. I guess that’s, I don’t know if that is considered his brain or what, but inside the dome there, very neat.


Okay, then you’ve got your Tron guys. Oop, get over here. You’ve got regular Tron. I don’t know this character’s name. I mentioned in my blog I’ve never actually seen Tron. Somebody responded back saying, “Aw, that’s okay. It’s actually pretty dull.” I don’t know. I will watch it eventually and I’m sorry if there is any Tron fans out there. Somebody else is going to respond and say, “No, it’s not. It’s great.” I don’t know; I haven’t seen it. One of these days I’ll get around to watching it on Netflix or something like that.


There’s Tron guy. I think the figure looks pretty cool. He’s 1 in 12. He’s got a 1 in 12 glow in the dark variant. I got both of these in my case. There he is. I think that looks pretty neat too. It looks cool when you turn the lights off. There you go, so those are both of the Tron guys there.

glow in the dark tron

Then, we’ve got one of the old time classics of Sci-Fi, Spock. That’s right. Mr. Spock himself, so he is from Amok time episode. He’s got his pointy ears there. I think this is a cool figure. Again, I’d like to see more Star Trek guys in these sets too. They could do a whole Star Trek set really, between all the characters and the aliens and the different shows that they have, so who knows? Who knows if we’ll see that or not? They’re just testing the waters, but there he is. There’s Amok Time Spock. Spock is 1 in 12 as well. Oop, we knocked over Mr. Tron there. Okay, get up there. All right.


Then, one of my favorite movies, you got Robocop. The first movie is a fantastic movie. Not the remake, not the sequels; the original Robocop is a really cool movie that I definitely recommend you check out. If you are old enough to watch it because it’s pretty violent. Especially if you watch the unrated cut, but it’s an awesome movie and there he is. It’s an awesome Robocop figure. I’m glad they went with the classic Robocop and there he is. You’ve got Robocop, he’s 1 in 12 too.


Next up is one of the rarer figures; he’s 1 in 72. You’ve got the Rocketeer. Also a very cool movie. A cool comic book too if you’ve never read it. There he is with his jetpack. This is a nicely designed figure. It’s a shame that he’s rare because he’s awesome and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be looking for him. There he is, 1 in 72, so that’s 1 in every 4 cases, 5 cases, why is my math not working right now. 6 cases, 1 in every 6 cases so he is not easy to find, but he’s cool. Rocketeer, 1 in 72.


Okay, moving along, we’ve got Judge Dredd. I understand his new, the new Dredd movie they did was pretty awesome. I haven’t seen it. I need to watch that. Oh, look at that. You’ve got the trade mark on the back there. That is pretty funny, but there he is. This again, this is a very nicely detailed figure.

Classic comics look on him there. Very cool, a very cool inclusion in this set too because I think he’s less well known outside of the UK. He’s a little less well known in the US. Most people probably know him from the terrible Sylvester Stallone movie. It’s cool that they included Mr. Judge Dredd in this. He’s 1 in 12 too, so he’s a common figure as well.

judge dredd

Then, we’ve got the alien from This Island Earth, the Sci-Fi movie from back in the day. This is also an awesome figure. This is just a really cool designed alien and it makes for a really cool figure and a cool inclusion in this set. Because, again, This Island Earth is, I guess, I wouldn’t say obscure, but not as well known as, say, like Star Trek or Aliens or Predator, so this is a neat inclusion as well that they put this in this set here. I just like this monster a lot. I think I saw this movie a long time ago when I was a kid so I’m not too familiar with it except for the fact that this alien looks really cool.

island earth alien

I’m saving the best for last. Think it’s my favorite figure in the whole set even though this whole set is awesome, but you’ve got the other 1 in 72 figure. You’ve got the awesome Mars Attacks Alien. I love the old Mars Attacks card set. I have the reproduction of it. I don’t have the original because those are crazy expensive and super rare, but as a Tim Burton movie it’s, eh, it’s all right I guess. It’s not as good as it could have been.

There he is. I just think he’s cool looking. The only thing about this is his helmet is a little loose, it comes off a little bit. I don’t know if that is on all of them or just on the one I have, but it doesn’t really matter that much. You just stick it in there and he’s just standing on your shelf so I won’t be messing with the helmet too much, so I’m not worried about it breaking or anything. There he is. There’s Mr. Mars Attacks.

mars attacks

Overall I think this set is really, really great. I think it complements the horror set nicely that Funko did and I really like it. I wanted to show you guys the whole set because I think they’re cool and you should check them out.

group shot

That’s it. I’ve got plenty of other videos up; lots of unboxing stuff, mostly these Funko mini figures, some Doctor Who stuff, Kidrobot stuff, so please check it out and please subscribe.
Thank you so much. Keep on collecting. Thanks.

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