Funko Sci-Fi Science Fiction Mystery Minis Full Case Unboxing

Hey, everyone, I’m very excited. I’ve got a case of Funko Mystery Mini’s Science Fiction Assortment. This is Assortment E on the box, whatever that means. I guess we’re going to find out by opening this up. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

I’ve been looking forward to this set. I had some eBay Bucks so I used that to buy this off eBay. It’s a sealed case so it’ll be interesting to see what I get. There you go, there’s the case right there. There’s the top of it, and the side, and the other side … there’s some really cool figures in this set. Let’s open it up here.

It looks like we got 12 packs. Here’s the actual case itself there, hopefully you can see that. I believe there are 18 figures in this set … 5, 10, 15, 16, no, 17 it looks like. Hopefully I’ll get them all. I’m really hoping to get Jayne and Mal from Firefly, the Mars Attacks guy would be awesome. Of course those are the rare ones, all the ones I’m looking for are rare. Rocketeer would be cool. Hopefully I won’t get too many doubles because there’s only 12 in here so if I’m trying to put a set together it would be nice if I could get at lease 12 individual figures and then worry about finding the rest. Let’s get the garbage out of the way, we’ll throw it in the box.

Let’s see who this first one is here. I think this set will compliment the Horror set quite nicely. They go together pretty well so I’m looking forward to that. Oh, I’ve got the Tron guy. Is that the glow-in-the-dark Tron guy? Let’s see there. He is 1 in 12. Okay, so he’s a common one, it looks like. He’s not the glow-in-the-dark, it looks like. There you go, we’ll do that. Hopefully my wife can adjust the camera, you can get a good look at him there. So let’s see. See him there? Maybe I’ll pull him back, there we go. All right. Thank you sweetheart.


Who the next one is, let’s see. We’ve got … It’s interesting that, I guess because it’s a smaller set, they did a smaller case pack out instead of doing the 24 figures. Oh, okay. Oh no! Okay, cool. I thought it was the same figure but it’s not. It’s the glow-in-the-dark Tron. Glow-in-the-dark, he’s also 1 in 12. There they are together, you can see them, so that’s cool.


I have a confession to make. I’ve never seen Tron. Do you believe that? I don’t really know much about it. I’m very sorry. I’ve seen all sorts of other movie stuff but never saw Tron. Tell me what a dope I am in the comments, people, and I’ll have to watch it at some point but those were the 2 figures I was least looking forward to, so whatever.

Hey, all right, nice. I was looking forward to getting him. It’s Spock, it’s Spock himself from Amok Time, a classic Star Trek episode. I should have said Star Wars and pissed everybody off, but it’s not. It’s Star Trek. He is, let’s see on the package here, he’s also 1 in 12, so all common so far. Hopefully we’ll get one of the rare ones.


It looks like the rarest one, I think, is of course the one I want the most, the Mars Attacks guy. He’s 1 in 72. That would be awesome, if I wind up getting him in the case, if I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for him on eBay. I’ll have to wait until I get some more eBay bucks.

Okay, so let’s see here. Let’s see. So far, no doubles so that’s good. Oh, all right, we’ve got Mr. Phone Home himself, Mr. ET. He’s, I’m handing that over to my wife, yay! Better view for the camera. Okay, 1 in 12 for ET, so another common, that’s cool. Again, so far I’m just happy I don’t get doubles. I’m sure I’ll get at least 1 rare, maybe 2. He’s dancing off camera there, nice job sweetheart. Hopefully I get 12 individual pieces. That’s what I’m really looking forward to. Give me ET, I’ll put him with the set, there you go ET.


We’ve got, oh, awesome, one of my favorite movies, RoboCop! That’s actually a really cool figure there. Here you go, sweetheart. You do the close-up. He’s 1 in 12, there you go. Another common.


I would imagine if I get a rare, one of the clear Predators rare, Rocketeer’s rare, I got to get a couple of them in here. Let’s see here, as I destroy the package there, I really messed that one up.

Let’s see who else I get. This is a big heavy one, Oh, there you go! It’s Robby the Robot, right, isn’t that who that is, from Forbidden Planet? There you go. I hope I’m right about that. There he is, cool, very cool figure.


These are really nice. I have to say, these are some of the best Mystery Minis so far. Funko’s getting really good at the quality of these so I’m happy with that. This is a cool set, cool idea for a set. They did the horror classics, hopefully they’ll do another set of horror classics. Adding these SciFi figures is really neat, and it’s a good mix so far of different SciFi movies in here.

Okay. I haven’t gotten any, no I got RoboCop and Spock, so that’s some of the rare ones. Who is this that I’ve got? Ah, Judge Dredd! That’s an awesome figure too. Look at this thing. Really nice detail on these. These look fantastic. I’m really into these. Judge Dredd, okay, RoboCop, I’m sorry. RoboCop is 1 in 12, Judge Dredd 1 in 12 so again, commons, every last one of them, which is fine because they’re cool but love to get a couple rares. I’ve got 5 more left, including this one so Judge Dredd, get out of the way there, give me him, I’ll put him in the group shot.


Let’s see who else we’re going to get here. Let’s see, Assortment E, what you’re giving me here. All right. We have, drum roll please, oh, awesome! The one I really wanted. Jayne, with his hat that his mother gave him. He’s awesome. Sorry, my wife wants to grab him. Take him. Show them. He’s 1 in 36, so he’s my first kind of rare one. That’s awesome. I’m very happy. I really wanted to get him in this set, so that rules. That really rules, that I got him. Maybe I’ll get one more rare, too. That would be great. I’d be very happy about that.


Let’s see. Give me Jayne there. Very cool. Firefly is a fantastic show if you haven’t seen it you should definitely watch it, it’s one of my favorites. Almost anything Joss Whedon has done is fantastic, so you should definitely check it out. I feel like I’m in Firefly.

Wow, this is huge. This is awesome. Look at that. That’s the Xenomorph, the Alien, also, I can’t even get him out of there, 1 of my favorite movies, the first 2 Alien movies. The last 2, not so good but the first 2 are fantastic. There you go. That is a great figure. That is, how do I know if that’s metallic or not? Does that look metallic to you? Doesn’t look metallic to me, so he’s 1 in 24. He’s, I guess, another one of the rare ones. The metallic one is 1 in 12. I guess maybe if I … maybe this one’ll be the metallic one. Who knows. I guess if I get the metallic one I’ll be able to tell them apart. It’s odd that the non-metallic alien would be harder to find, but there he is.


All right, so let’s see. We’ve got this one here, this definitely isn’t an alien, it’s way too small. We’ve got, I believe this the alien from This Island Earth, am I right about that? Oh, god I hope so. If I’m not, make fun of me in the comments, I don’t care, but I might be wrong. This is really cool looking too. I love the color on this. Again, I love the detail on this guy. He is 1 in 24 as well, okay, so this is cool.


Now at the bottom of the case I’m getting some of the rare ones, the harder to find ones so maybe these last 2 will be some of the rare ones too.

That would be great, because I think I’ve pretty much got all the 1 in 12 ones, yeah, I did so this should be one of the harder to find ones too. That would be awesome. If you somehow find the assortment it looks like go grab the ones at the bottom because that’s where all the rare ones are. I see he dances off the camera, there we go.

All right, we’ve got, okay cool! We’ve got another 1 in 24. We’ve got Mal from Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds with his pistol. There’s a Loot Crate exclusive version of Mal with his shotgun so you should go watch my Loot Crate unboxing if you want to take a look at him. There he is, there’s Mal. All right. Oh, I’m sorry. Close up. Mal is ready for his close up.


We’ve got one more, let’s see. Hopefully I get, oh, no I’m sorry, there’s 1 more in 12 I didn’t get and that’s the Predator. I’m okay if I don’t get the Predator if I wind up getting another harder to find figure here. Let’s find out. Super happy I got the Firefly guy. This guy’s big and heavy, who is it? Ah, as I thought, it’s Mr. Predator. He’s 1 in 12 so he’s the last common figure.


That’s not bad. I’m very happy that I got 12 individual figures, no repeats so that’s super awesome. It looks like I didn’t get the metallic alien even though he’s 1 in 12. Maybe this is the metallic one, I have no idea. One of the aliens I didn’t get, who knows. And I didn’t get Mr. Mars Attacks, Rocketeer, the bloody Predator, wait, how the heck do I know which one’s the bloody one? They look exactly the same. Anyway, okay, who cares.


That’s that! This is a great set overall. I hope you enjoyed. Please check out my other videos and please subscribe. Thanks so much for watching. Keep on collecting! Thanks.

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