Heroes Of The Storm Funko Mystery Minis Full Case Unboxing

Hey everybody, the Real Deal here.

I’ve got a Funko Mystery Minis Heroes Of The Storm case to unbox for you here. It looks like there are 12 figures in the set. You can see them all right there and they’re all 1 in 12. Again, this is 1 of those cases that Funko does that I really like where basically you get the whole set in a case which is pretty cool.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Heroes Of The Storm. It’s a pretty new game from Blizzard. And I usually like to open up stuff that I actually know a little bit about and that I’m a big fan of. But that said, I think these look really, really cool.

I am a big fan of Blizzard. I played a lot of Diablo. I’m a huge fan of Hearthstone. I actually kind of wish this was a Hearthstone set rather than Heroes Of The Storm set but that’s beside the point.

I thought these looked really neat and I collect a lot of Funko stuff. And I am looking forward to checking out Heroes Of The Storm so I thought, why not? Why don’t I get this set of figures and take a look at how cool they are and I can unbox them for you. You can leave me some comments if you’d like and let me know who your favorite is and if I’ve got any information about these figures wrong or anything like that.

Let’s see, let’s see who this first one is. That’s pretty cool. We’ve got a female almost like a space Marine type character so that’s cool. I’m sorry, I don’t know her name or what her deal is but pretty cool looking.


Funko is getting a lot nicer with their figures lately. The detail and the colors on them have been just fantastic and this is no exception. I really like this figure so there you go. This is going to make me want to check out Heroes Of The Storm even more here. Let’s get it. I’ll carry it down a little more so you can get a group shot of these guys when they’re all set up.

I do recognize 1 figure here from Hearthstone and that’s this guy, the Elite Tauren Chieftain I believe is his name. Let’s see who else we’ve got here. Funko’s got some real cool stuff coming out. I’m sure they are going to have a lot of San Diego Comic Con of stuff too that they haven’t announced yet.

Oh wow. Look at this thing. This is another Marine type looking guy. I guess this is the male space Marine type guy to come out of there. They are using this big giant armor. It almost looks like the Hulkbuster armor from Iron Man. He’s a bit bigger than the other figure. There you go. Big giant massive figure there.


All right who else are we going to get here? I think this guy looks really cool whoever that is; some sort of witch doctor type character. Let’s see. Okay. Oh see there he is. Cool. He is really cool looking.

Look at this guy. He’s got the little shrunken head there. He’s got the feathers in his hat. This is really cool looking. I love the purple on this guy. These guys aren’t articulated at all. They don’t move or anything but that’s okay, who cares. He’s got, it looks like a knife in his; it almost looks like a Bat-arang but obviously it’s not a Bat-arang. Here’s the back of him there. Yeah, he’s cool looking. This is my favorite figure so far. Look at this guy. Really neat. I guess he’s, like I said he looks really pretty much like a witch doctor. There you go, so that’s 3.


This one is pretty light, a little lighter than the rest of them there. I don’t know if that means anything, who this figure is. Like I said I’m definitely looking forward to checking this game out. I know it’s in Beta right now. I believe the Beta is free for everybody on PC. I just don’t know if my PC could handle it. My computer is a few years old so I don’t know. It can’t really handle Hearthstone too well. I generally play it on my iPad.

Oh, that’s cool. I guess this space Marine, the female space Marine has invisibility or cloaking or whatever you want to call it because there’s the clear version of that female space Marine type figure. There you go. All right we’ll put her next to the other one there. That’s her clear variant there.


All right let’s see what else we’ve got. No, doesn’t want to open. Nope. Okay there we go. I don’t want to take 20 minutes to open up 1 figure. Alright, let’s see here. I really enjoy these Funko Mystery Minis. I think they’re really neat.

Oh, cool. We’ve got another female; I don’t know what this is like a weird skeletal bat type thing. That’s interesting, looks pretty evil there. I wouldn’t want to run into her but I don’t know. I don’t know if she’s a bad guy or what. Looks like one but you never know. Looks can be deceiving. Again look at the detail on the hair. It’s pretty cool. These are nice, nicely designed wings there. I like this. It’s pretty cool.


Well if the game is as cool as these figures then I’m definitely looking forward to it. Let’s see here. Yeah, I definitely need to get a new PC. After a few years they kind of become obsolete and slow. They don’t run anything as good anymore and mine certainly doesn’t. One of these days.

Wow. Look at this guy. This is cool too. Look at this. I really like this figure. This is, it reminds me of Moon Knight from Marvel Comics, but some sort of I don’t know Angel Knight type of thing. I’m not really sure but look at the gold armor. It’s cool that he’s got no face and these blue, I guess these are kind of wings too. These clear blue wings. I guess they are supposed to be like spirit wings or something. I’m not really sure but this is a cool figure as well.


See I knew it wasn’t a mistake getting this set. These are cool even if I don’t know too much about them. They’re pretty awesome. Look at this thing, so there you go. There’s our spirit avenger, avenging angel. I don’t know whatever you want to call it. There you go. That’s the top row there. Those are the first 6 figures.

We’ll move on to the bottom row and we should get the remaining 6 figures. I don’t anticipate getting any doubles. You usually don’t when they have these 1 in 12 cases. I’ve got lots of other Funko unboxing videos up so be sure to check those out. Marvel, the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, so check them out.

Look who is this? This is I don’t know I can’t get him out of there but he’s huge. Oh wow. Look at that. Oh boy, he doesn’t want to come out of there. There we go. All right this is a 3-armed, I don’t even know. I don’t even know what you would even call this thing. He’s got the gaping stomach there, a bunch of different weapons. Look at this thing. He looks like a Frankenstein type creature.

This is really neat. He’s got the blood on the ax there; all stitched together there. His intestines hanging out, doesn’t look like it’s bothering him though. He seems just fine. That’s pretty cool. Look at that thing. All right so we’ll put him there.


Who else we got in here. This is already open for me. Thank you. That helps. I’m looking forward to Funko is doing a Garbage Pail Kid set. I’m really looking forward to that. I grew up with the Garbage Pail Kids. I collected them back in the day so it’s pretty neat that they are kind of seeing a resurgence.

Wow. Wow, this is like a Black Knight type thing. Boy the detail in these is really cool. Look at the skulls there all over him and his sword. The evil look on his face, with the helmet there and the skull on his helmet. This is a cool figure, man. I’m really going to have to play this game.


Look at that thing. Turn the side there so you can take a look. Wow. I think my favorite is still the witch doctor but these are all awesome. I like these a lot. There we go.

Well let’s see who the rest of these figures are. Let’s see what they look like. All right, okay. Wow this is a big figure. Feels big and thick in there. Let’s see who this is. Okay, it’s some sort of red demon thing. Look at this, wow; look at him emerging from his cocoon there.

These might be characters from WOW too. I’m not too familiar with WOW either to be honest, from World of Warcraft, but anyway look at this thing. This is a really cool red demon thing with his kind of ram horns there. The horn on his head, wow, look at that thing. I don’t know what else to say. These are really cool. I like him a lot. Look at that guy, so there we go.


Hopefully we’ll get more Blizzard sets from Funko. Like I said before, I would love a Hearthstone set. That would make me really, really happy. I love that game. If you haven’t played, it’s free to play. You can get it on your iPad and your Android. You can get it on PC. It’s pretty addictive. It’s a card game, easy to learn tough to master type thing. I definitely recommend it. I like it a lot.

After knowing how good Blizzard is with their other games and after seeing these figures, I’m really going to check out Heroes Of The Storm. Maybe that will become my new obsession.

All right so we’ve got 3 figures left. This is, okay, oh, well apparently that weird blue Frankenstein guy is also a chef. Instead of weapons he’s got an oven mitt, frying up some eggs there, his chef’s hat. Maybe he’s a good guy. I don’t know but that’s pretty funny that instead of weapons he’s got sausage links there which is pretty funny. Sausage links around his neck there. All right, well apparently he’s a chef. There you go. I like this figure too. Okay, cool so there we go.


So far the least interesting figure was that space Marine guy. All these different monsters are awesome; or creatures. I don’t know whatever you call them. So let’s get that out of there.

Okay, so who’s coming up next? Let’s check it out. We’ve only got 2 more including this 1.

Okay, this is a guy I recognize, the Elite Tauren Chieftain. He’s got his guitar there, his axe guitar I guess. He’s not terribly useful in Hearthstone. There’s my cat always putting in an appearance. He’s got 2 extra guitars on his back there, but there he is. Cool looking figure, ready to rock out, got his tail there. Very cool.


All right so then my very next figure and the last figure will be, let’s see. I’m not sure who we’re missing but we’re about to find out. I think it’s a space Marine but with like red armor it looks like probably who’s in here. Let’s find out.

Let’s see yeah, okay. This one is a lot cooler. He’s in his like red, white and blue armor there. It’s a variant on that male space Marine that we saw; looking like a cross between Captain America and the Hulkbuster in this armor. Maybe that’s what they’re going for who knows.


Anyway there’s the whole set. These are really cool. It definitely makes me want to check the game out even more. I think they are really cool. I don’t know what else to say. These are very cool figures and I love that I was able to get the whole set out of the box. That always makes me very happy.


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