Horror Classics Series 2 Funko Mystery Minis Complete Set Review Not Quite An Unboxing

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Hey everybody, the Real Deal here. I’ve got a full set of Horror Classics, Series 2 from Funko, they’re Funko Mystery Minis, to share with you. I think this is a really cool set. Is it as cool as Series 1? I don’t know. I think I like Series 1 a little bit better but there are some really cool figures in here. You can see on the back there who’s there. They kind of stretched the definition of horror for a few of these movies. Some of them are more horror comedies, some of them I don’t know if I’d necessarily consider horror at all, but there are some really cool figures in here.

They cut a little bit deeper into the horror catalog for this Series 2. Because Series 1 really did hit a lot of the bigger, more recognizable, iconic horror characters, you had Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Leatherface, a lot of those big guys. The only one that I felt was really missing from Series 1, as far as those big more modern horror icons was Pinhead, and it’s awesome that he’s in Series 2. That compliments Series 1 really nicely.
The rest of these from Series 2 are slightly more obscure characters and some older, more classic characters, like real classic but overall, I think it’s a cool set. Anyway, let’s take a look at them. We’ll start with the common figures.

The first one is Frankenstein or more accurately Frankenstein’s Monster. He’s one of two of the Universal monsters represented. This is really more the Universal monster design. Those old Universal monster movies are great and they’re all like an hour-long, they’re not long at all. They’re totally worth watching and you can’t really get much more iconic than Frankenstein here, or Frankenstein’s monster. Just this awesome classic design, everybody knows who this is. I think if you ask even a kindergartener, would know who Frankenstein is. Really cool bolts in the neck there you can see. Just awesome. I think the iconic classic representation of Frankenstein’s Monster. It’s cool that we have it in here. There you go, there is Frankenstein. He’s 1 in 12. He also does not want to stand up. Come on, Frankenstein. Hey, there you go. All right, you’re not a monster, stand up. He just misunderstood. There you go. There is Frankenstein there.


The next one … No. He does not want to stand up. All right, well, whatever. The next one we’ve got is the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice. Bettlejuice, Beetlejuice, he’ll be appearing any second. This is a cool movie, classic, one of my all-time favorites, really, really funny but do I consider it a horror movie? I guess, maybe a little bit. It has horror elements to it but I’ve always thought of it more as a comedy with horror elements to it rather than a straight, like horror comedy but I guess that’s just semantics, either way it’s awesome that we have a Beetlejuice figure. I’m not going to dwell too much on whether it’s really, technically a horror movie or not, I just think it’s cool. I think it’s cool that we’ve got a Beetlejuice figure and it’s an awesome, awesome figure from an awesome movie. There you go, we’ve got Beetlejuice.


The next one is another Universal monster there, we’ve got the Creature from the Black Lagoon. It’s a cool movie, by the way, these aren’t posable or anything like that. I should mention that you can’t move them. They’re hard plastic so they’re not squishy or anything like that but this is just another really awesome iconic movie design. I just like it. I think it’s cool that it’s part of this. I love those Universal monster movies like I said and the Creature of the Black Lagoon is one of the coolest ones. It’s just a really neat cool design for this weird, strange, fishy creature that’s going to come get you. There you go. It can breath on land and in the water. Very cool iconic creature design. He’s 1 in 12 as well, iconic figure there.

black lagoon

The next one is from one of my favorite movies, Shaun, from Shaun of the Dead, good old Simon Pegg. This is a really fun movie. This is what I would classify as a horror comedy. It’s definitely got horror elements to it, it’s funny though but I think it’s more of a horror movie than anything else. Really cool, he’s got red on him. He’s got his own name tag that says Shaun there, although, well, you can’t really read it but we can just assume it says Shaun. I just think this is awesome he’s got his cricket bat there. Just a cool figure from a cool movie. I love Shaun of the Dead. I like Hot Fuzz and World’s End too which is made by the same guys but Shaun of the Dead is my favorite of those three, of the Cornetto Trilogy. I think that’s what they call them. Very, very cool. Is that what they call them? Right? Now I’m second-guessing myself but anyway very cool. We’ve got Shaun from Shaun of the Dead.


You know what, while we’re on Shaun of the Dead we’ll go to one of the other common figures there and we’ll take a look at Ed from Shaun of the Dead. This is, obviously Shaun’s best friend. “I Got Wood,” which is the shirt that he wears in the movie. He’s got his bloodied shovel there and there you go. That’s very cool. I love that we got the pair of them. Because you can’t really separate them., they’re the two main characters of the movie and it’s cool that we’ve got Shaun and Ed here. I like that they didn’t save Ed for Series 3 or something like that. I love that we’ve got both Shaun and Ed here. He has a Hot Topic Exclusive, variant 2. I’ll be getting into the Hot Topic Exclusives at the end of this so stay tuned. Keep watching. Keep watching. We’ll have those in just a little bit but he’s 1 in 12 as well. We’ll put him next to his friend Shaun there. Again, Shaun of the Dead, great movie. You should watch it if you have not watched it.ed

All right, moving on, who’s the next 1 in 12 figure we’ve got here? I believe it’s Mr. Edward Scissorhands. Now this is another one, is Edward Scissorhands really a horror movie? Do I think of Edward Scissorhands along the same lines as Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers? Not really. He’s not a serial killer. He’s not out to kill anybody or do any harm or any of that weird stuff. He is just kind of like this poor, tortured, misunderstood person. I don’t really think of Edward Scissorhands as a horror movie.

However … There goes Ed falling down, why not, but even so, it’s a cool figure. I’m glad we have it. I’m glad it’s part of the set but in my opinion not really a horror movie, but that’s me. That said, the detail on this is really neat. He does have these giant scissorhands. I love the expression on his face there. I know Titans has an Edward Scissorhands set coming out. I’m really looking forward to that because they do some amazing likenesses of the characters. I’m absolutely looking forward to that. Definitely when that comes out some time next year I’ll be having the unboxing of that too. Awesome movie, Edward Scissorhands. Another one of my favorites between Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, we’ve got Tim Burton, represented pretty well in this set here. There you go. edward scissor

We do have another 1 in 12 figure, we’ve got Stripe, he is the leader of the Gremlins. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Gremlins movies. I remember really enjoying them but, man, it’s been a long time. I’ll have to watch them. I know you can get them on Bluray, with like Gremlins 1 and 2 and The Goonies, I think are in a Bluray set for like $10-$15 bucks. The Goonies is great. The Goonies is one of my favorite movies. I’d love to see a Goonies Funko set, that would be really cool but who knows, maybe we’ll get that. That would be really cool but not to get off on too much of a tangent, too much of a tangent.

We’ve got Stripe there and he is another one that’s got a Hot Topic Exclusive variant. We’re going to show you that in a little bit but there he is, very cool, looking very menacing there. I like the detail on them there. He’s got his eyebrow ridges up here. It’s just nice. It’s a nice figure. He’s got his Mohawk, really cool. Mowgli in here too, or Mowgli, however the hell you say that, Gizmo, right? No, wait a minute, Mowgli is the character from The Jungle Book. Gizmo is a character from The Gremlins and he’s a mogwai, that’s what I’m thinking of. I’m glad I realized that, either way it would have been cool to get Gizmo in here but I guess we’ll have to wait for Series 3.


Another one, Gremlins 2, is it a horror movie? I think it’s more of a comedy but that’s just me. Again, like I said they kind of stretched in the definition of horror for this set but I’ll let it go because it’s a cool figure, what are you going to do? I think that’s it for the 1 in 12. Oh no, I’m totally wrong, we’ve got a couple more. Pardon me.

We’ve got David from The Lost Boys. This is an awesome movie. This is definitely a horror movie. You should absolutely watch this movie. It’s very cool. They made two direct-to-video sequels too recently that I haven’t seen. I can’t imagine they’re very good. I don’t, that sort of stuff usually isn’t but maybe I’m wrong. I guess I’ll have to watch them at some point to find out. I don’t know. Do you like them? Tell me in the comments. Have you seen them? Are they worth watching? I don’t know. I haven’t seen The Lost Boys in a while too but it’s a great movie.

This is Kiefer Sutherland’s character in the movie. Totally worth watching the first one again, can’t speak to the sequels, I haven’t seen them but really, really cool that we’ve got David from the Lost Boys here. Good old Kiefer Sutherland. You may know him from 24, as well as a ton other movies he’s been in. There you go, there is David from The Lost Boys and he’s again 1 in 12. We’ve got a lot of 1 in 12 figures in here, a lot of common figures in this set. Now, David, listen to me, buddy, don’t be the one figure that doesn’t want to stand up. Why? Maybe if I put you over here. The hell with you, lay down, who cares, let’s move on.

lost boys

Now the next one is an odd inclusion, in my opinion. Alfred Hitchcock. Now, don’t get me wrong, Alfred Hitchcock is amazing. He’s one of my favorite directors. He’s made some amazing movies. He’s known as the Master of Suspense because of his suspenseful movies and his TV show and everything like that. He did made some amazing horror movies, Psycho, The Birds, great movies, absolutely should watch them. You should watch North by Northwest, Strangers on a Train, Shadow of a Doubt, he’s amazing. He’s absolutely an incredible director, amazing movies, you should absolutely watch them but it’s just funny to me that they put him in here, instead of maybe Norman Bates. He is the only actual real-life character in the whole set.

I’m not complaining. He is awesome and it’s amazing that I’ve got this little Alfred Hitchcock Funko Mystery Mini but I’m just surprised that they would do in a set of all these fictional characters, that they would put in a real-life person. But I guess he’s just so iconic that they felt it would be cool to include him. I can’t disagree, it’s cool that he’s in here but it’s a little bit odd, like I said I would think if you wanted to represent Hitchcock instead of doing a giant bird figure I would put in Norman Bates, maybe in his, when he’s dressed up like his mother at the end of the movie.

I don’t know, maybe they couldn’t or … I don’t know, but that said, this is a cool figure. He’s got the little bird on his finger there. I’m a big Alfred Hitchcock fan so I’m not going to complain too much but again, odd to me that they’ve got a real-life figure in here. But he’s Alfred Hitchcock, how can you get wrong? He’s awesome. It’s a cool figure nonetheless. There you go. Now, Alfred, are you going to stand up or no? Yes, okay, thank you very much, sir.

hitchcock color

Now, that truly is the end of the 1 in 12 common figures there. We’re going to move on to the 1 in 24 figures. Those are 1 in every 2 cases and the first one that comes up is The Fly. This is an awesome movie, the original and the remake with Jeff Goldblum, cool, cool movies, really creepy, strange, interesting design. Of course, I wouldn’t want a human-sized fly anywhere near me, I do find this very creepy. I don’t like bugs.

I don’t know any but I know some people like bugs but, and I guess if that’s what you’re into, fine, whatever you’re into is cool, I suppose but I am not a bug fan. I think bugs are gross and this grosses me out that there’s a giant fly but it’s cool. It’s cool that we have a Fly figure. This is definitely a horror movie. This definitely belongs in this set and it’s cool. I like the color of the blue they used there for the eyes and everything. Cool figure. What can I say? He’s 1 in 24. He’s 1 in every 2 cases there. Don’t knock anybody down. Stand up, Fly. Great.

the fly

The next one is one of the most iconic monsters of all time from H.P. Lovecraft you’ve got Cthulhu. Look at this massive thing here, this is really a cool figure. Again, he is 1 in every 2 cases, really, really awesome looking figure. He’s got his wings there that somehow don’t seem like they could support his weight but I suppose they do. How can you go wrong? It’s Cthulhu, he’s awesome looking, he’s got his tentacle mouth there. I would not want to see this guy in a dark alley or in a well-lit alley. It’s just cool, very cool that we’ve got our Cthulhu here. 1 in 24.


I knocked him over. Edward, stand up. Look, in the interest of time they’re just going to lay down. Now they’re dropping like flies. Get it?

The next one is, we’ve got the American Werewolf in London here. This is definitely a cool movie. You should … Come on. This is … I may as well just lay them all down. This has some of the most amazing special effects in a movie, the werewolf transformation is a classic. It’s all done, I believe it’s all done in one take. I don’t know if it’s done in one take but it’s all done using practical effects which is amazing.

I really am a big fan of these older horror movies that use practical effects, they existed before CGI. If you wanted to do something you had to figure out how to do it with make-up and costumes and prosthetics. Just really being creative to work around how you would do it. The werewolf transformation in this is amazing, it’s really, really cool, really well-done. This is a fun, funny, interesting movie, I love an American Werewolf in London and it’s cool that we’ve got the good old werewolf here from that movie. Very cool. Here you go. All right, werewolf, now I know he’ll stand up because he’s on four legs there. He’s really easy to stand up.


The next one is a classic from the silent film era, we’re going way back here with Nosferatu. Awesome silent film, one of the coolest movies I think I’ve ever seen, even though it is a silent movie. I know some people find those hard to sit through but I think this is definitely one that’s worth watching just for the iconic portrayal of this awesome vampire. One of the first, if not the first vampire movies, right? I don’t know if it was the very first. I think it may have been but this is absolutely iconic.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie I think everybody knows Nosferatu here. Really neat that we’ve got him here and he does look like he’s black and white but that’s okay, that’s how he looks in the movie too. Really neat. He’s 1 in 24, 1 in every 2 cases just like the other ones there. Really cool that we’ve got Nosferatu there. There you go. Him along with the Universal monsters there is really cut back to like the early, early days of film and the earliest horror movies that there are. That’s neat that they did this, they’re horror classics, right? They really are going back for the classics there.


Do we have another 1 in 24 figure? No, I think I showed you all the, the 1 in 24 is there. We’ll move on to the 1 in 36 figures. They are 1 in every cases starting with The Crow. This is a cool movie. It’s sad that it got a lot of attention because of Brandon Lee’s death during the filming of the movie, very sad, very tragic. He was only, I think in his 20’s, maybe he was in his 30’s but no, I think he was in his 20’s. He died really young. He died when they shot him with a prop gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks in it. Somehow it had … It didn’t have real bullets in it but it had something in it that wasn’t supposed to be in there and it shot him. Basically, they shot him, he collapsed writhing in pain. They thought it was part of the scene, it wasn’t and the poor guy died during the filming of The Crow.

It’s really a shame, really a tragic story surrounding this movie but the movie itself is pretty cool and this is a cool design based on a comic book. The Crow comic is pretty neat as well, definitely worth the read. Then, of course, they did a bunch of Crow sequels, both in the comics and in the movies of varying degrees of quality. I don’t know that I can really speak to any of those being worth your time but the original Crow is something to take a look at. He’s got a Hot Topic Exclusive variant as well. We’re going to take a look at that later, but really cool.

Is The Crow a horror movie? I guess so. Again, do I think of The Crow along the same lines as Freddy and Jason and Michael Myers? Not really but I can’t argue that this is a cool figure. I like that it’s shiny too to replicate that he’s wearing leather there. He’s got his leather pants, a really cool, awesome figure there of The Crow. There you go, we’ve got The Crow, 1 in 36. Are you going to stand up Crow? No. None of these guys want to stand up.

the crow

Our next 1 in 36 figure is the really cool, actually there’s only two of them, this is the glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu. I think this is awesome. Sometimes these glow-in-the-dark figures are weird, it’s like, “Hey, we’ve got a glow-in-the-dark Beetlejuice, even though he doesn’t glow in the movie.” You know what, I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about Cthulhu, maybe he glows, maybe he doesn’t but this is just cool-looking. At night when this is glowing on your shelf, it just looks awesome. I think this is cool. I’m not going to complain about a glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu figure. 1 in every 3 cases, so not super easy to find but really neat, in my opinion. There you go.

cthulu glowing

Now, we’ve got our 1 in 72 figures there and we’ll start … We’re running out of room here. You can go back in here glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu.

This is the 1 in 72, black and white Alfred Hitchcock. I think that’s a neat guy in. He did made colored movies but he made a lot of black and white movies too. His show was in black and white, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, awesome, awesome show, definitely worth watching. It’s cool that we’ve got a black and white Alfred Hitchcock variant here. Not much else I’m going to say, really neat and he’s 1 in 72, so 1 in every 6 cases, not an easy figure to find.

hitchcock black and white

Next stop before I get to the Hot Topic Exclusive figures is the other 1 in 72 figure. This is probably my favorite figure in the set. This is, like I said is the 1 figure I really felt was missing from series 1 that I really wanted to see. I’m so super happy that they’ve got Pinhead in here, of course this is Pinhead from Hellraiser. The first two or three, really the first three Hellraiser movies are good, then they made a bunch of direct-to-video sequels that, again, just kind of dropped off. I don’t know. I haven’t seen all of them. I saw I think four, maybe five, I don’t even remember, it’s so long ago. You just kind of give up after a while with those but the first two and even the third one are cool movies. Just again, cool iconic design.

Pinhead is awesome with all these little pins in his head. He’s got the cool stuff on his chest there. Maybe we’ll get some of the other Cenobites in here, that would be neat. Maybe in series 3 we’ll get some of the other cool gruesome Clive Barker monsters from the movie, but again favorite figure in the set. I think it’s awesome looking, totally cool that we’ve got Pinhead in this. It’s a shame that he’s 1 in 72, he’s not an easy one to find but nonetheless it’s cool that he’s in here.


Now I’ve been talking about these Hot Topic Exclusives the whole video. You know what, the hell with it, lay down. This is the first one, we’ve got the awesome Gremlin with his 3D glasses, his bucket of popcorn and it’s just really cool looking. This is 1 in 12, he’s the easier to find Hot Topic Exclusive there, really cool. What can I say? This might be my favorite of the Hot Topic Exclusives. I just think it’s a really neat looking variant and I like that it’s not just a repeat, it’s a totally new figure. It doesn’t have the Mohawk like the other one does. He’s got the 3D glasses. It’s just really cool looking. I love it. He’s one of the Hot Topic exclusives, 1 in 12, very cool. I guess we’ll just lay you down since none of you guys want to stand up.

gremlins 3d

Now the next one is The Crow guy and he’s 1 in 36. He’s 1 in every 3 cases and he is the shirtless Crow and he’s got his guitar on his back there, that’s what’s different about this version of The Crow. He’s 1 in every 3 cases, a little tougher to find. I guess try to get him into Hot Topic if you can. If you can’t, I guess eBay is your best bet but that’s cool. I do have an extra one of these so I’ll be selling one on eBay too, if you want to take a look at that, but it’s very cool. There you go, there is the 1 in 36 Hot Topic variant of The Crow.

the crow shirtless

Now we’ve got the very last one, the hardest figure in the whole set to get because he is 1 in 72 and he is only at Hot Topic. You’ve got to find a Hot Topic that’s selling this and get lucky enough to get him. I was lucky enough to get him in a case. I couldn’t believe it. You should watch that unboxing video. I have unboxing videos of these, by the way.. Hot Topic case, regular case, you should watch those but I got him in a case so I was beside myself. This is the bloody version of Ed from Shaun of the Dead. I think it’s a cool enough variant, not worth paying a million dollars for on eBay, if you ask me. Because really it’s the same figure just with some blood on him but it’s cool. I don’t know if this is supposed to be the zombified version of him but either way it’s very, very cool and it’s cool that I managed to get him.

ed zombie

That’s the whole set there. I’m sorry they’re not all standing up, as you could see I have a lot of trouble getting them to stay standing on this table cloth here, but I think this is an awesome set. I think series 1 is better but I think series 2 is still really cool. There’s some really neat characters in here. It’s worth checking out, worth picking up some of these, I think. I hope you enjoyed that, like I said before, I have a ton of other unboxing videos. I’ve got close to about 200 videos now. If you’re interested in watching unboxing videos and you like collecting these Funko figures and KidRobot Titans you should definitely check out the other videos on my channel. I think you’ll enjoy some of the stuff that’s there.

Screenshot 2016-02-09 09.23.04

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