Lord Of The Rings Legolas Fun Pack Lego Dimensions Unboxing & Building

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Hey everybody, The Real Deal here. I’ve got this Lego Dimensions Lord of The Rings Legolas Fun Pack. We’re going to open this up and build it and see what it looks like. He comes with an arrow launcher which you can ride around in the game, I guess, and shoot arrows.

There’s 3 different versions of it you can make. I’ve just been making the main ones. Then maybe eventually I’ll do building videos of the other versions. For now we’re going to build just that main arrow launcher version. We’ll see what Legolas looks like. Here we go. We’ll just get these pieces open. Something I’ve been mentioning in the videos too, I really hope Legos changes it. The instructions only come with the instructions how to actually put jus the figure together not the vehicle. Once you pop the figure into the game it comes up with the instructions how to actually build the vehicle.

I’m sure some people are collecting these just to collect the figures, not even have the game. It sucks you got to go online and get the instructions. I’ve got the instructions pulled up on my phone. That’s how I’m going to go ahead and build this arrow launcher. Bear with me and I’ll show you how you build it.

The game itself is really fun. It plays just like any of the other Lego games. If you’ve played any of them you know what to expect. You just run around smashing stuff, collecting studs, collecting a bunch of characters. In this one obviously the characters are … You have to buy them. Legolas looks … Okay. What’s cool about a lot of these Lego figures is, if I can hold onto it here, they come with 2 expressions. You’ve got the anger Legolas and worried, concerned Legolas. Let’s make him angry. Let’s put that face on there. Boy, this head does not want to stay put here.

Buying these characters can get expensive, but the nice thing is they are just regular Lego sets with the added bonus of you can actually use them in the game. That is cool. Let’s see what he looks like with that face too. There he is. Okay. Sad Legolas. All right, whatever. I don’t know, I really like the game a lot. I really collecting these Lego figures and putting them together and then using them in the game.

I like that they serve a double purpose, but again, like these toys to life games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity and that sort of thing, it can get pretty pricey. I think with most of them just buy the ones that you like. Buy the ones that you want to play with. I’m a big Lord of The Rings fan so I thought this was pretty cool to get these … There he is. There’s Legolas on his base.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 15.42.19

That’s the easy one. Obviously you don’t really need the instructions too much for that. We do need instructions for is this arrow launchers thing. Let’s go do that real quick.

Step 1, very easy. We just build the base. There we go. Step 1 already done. We’re on our way.

Step 2 also looks pretty easy. We’re going to take one of these things and put it on top there. There we go. All right.

Step 3, also looking pretty easy for the most part. These Lego sets have been pretty simple to put together. The instructions are really easy to follow. It’s pretty simple. I would never be able to figure out without the instructions. I’d like to think that I could, but I know I definitely could not. I’m not that bright when it comes to putting these things together. Even sometimes with the instructions, every once in a while, I’m like, “What do they want me to do? I don’t understand.”

That was step 4 already, putting that gray thing on there.

Step 5, moving right along, we’re just going to put this on here. Let’s leave a little space there. All right. There we go.

Step 6, we take this thing, whatever this is, and just hang it over there. That’s that. We’re getting there. This thing is coming together.

Step 7, what do they want me to do? We’ve got this thing and it looks like they have this placed this way. We put 2 … Okay yeah, so this is going to go like this. Then we’re going to take 2 of these little brown pieces like that, get them snapped onto here. 1 and 2. Not so bad. That was step 7.

This little one … There we go. Okay. Step 7, step 8. Put on the wheels. That seems pretty easy enough. Whoops. Looks like we’re going to put 1 wheel here. Okay. Then the other wheel over here. Okay. There we go. All right. Wait a minute. Yeah, that was step 8.

Okay, now step 9, take 2 hook things … Okay, that’s these things. We’re going to take 2 of these and it looks like we’re going to put them … One here and one over here like so. Okay. Tada!

Step 10, we are almost there. Step 10 says take a… what do we take? This thing, this little round piece, and put it here on top of that. It wants us to put this clippy thing … Again I know I’m using very efficient names here. This thing, the round thing, clippy thing, but I don’t know what their actual names are. Okay there we go, getting there, moving right along. That was step 10.

Step 11 looks like we have a little construction to do before we attach it to this. Step 11 says take this, and on top of that we put this. All righty. Wonderful. Then we take this thing, which is almost like a step. That goes on there like that. Then on the sides of this thing, that’s where these cool plastic blue translucent pieces go. It’s all plastic, but clip those on.
Then it says to take one of these round pieces and stick it here. Then we take this. Where the heck does this go? It looks like it goes … How does it go? I don’t understand. Oh, it clips here. Okay. It clips like … How does that go? In the middle? I’m very confused how this goes. Oh, must go … No. All right. Wait, maybe it goes like this. Aha. No. I don’t understand why they told me to put this piece on. I look like I’m doing it right.

All right everybody, so this is the part of the video where you go, “Rob, you’re supposed to do this, dummy.” I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. See, this is what I was saying. They’re super easy to put together until you run into a little road block. Actually, maybe it goes like that. There we go. Okay. I just figured it out. I’m a dummy. What I was missing is you leave these spots open and you attach it to the top part. Duh. Sorry, brain fart. Okay. We got that in there. Okay great.

Now we take this big spear and put it here. That’s step 12. Oh that’s cool that it’s got the spears on the side too. Sorry, I’m looking at the instructions. You can’t see what I’m looking at, but you put a little spear here, and then you put a little spear over here. I don’t remember this thing from the movie, but that’s all right. I guess they needed a vehicle for him to ride around on so they came up with this thing.

Then it looks like we take these 2 gold things, and where the heck do these go? We hold it like this and they go … Okay, they clip onto here. All right. One goes there. No, wait a minute. Is that right? Yeah. Then this thing goes in here. No. I think I totally have that wrong. All right. Whoops there goes the spear. Okay everybody, here. Look, so … Sorry. This is why I’m doing this so you don’t make the same mistake I do.

Look, this goes in this side here like … Okay, this is how they showed in the picture. Okay, like that. All right. Then this clips on here. There we go. Hey, all right. Cool. Now we’re going to do the same thing on the other side. All right, well, that’s easy enough. I should look at the instructions a little better before I start grabbing this stuff and messing it up. Okay, there we go. All right. We clip that in and great. We have an arrow launcher. That’s it. That was the last step there is building this weird arrow looking thing. I guess this is supposed to be the crossbow. It would let loose the arrow and I don’t know. It’s a weird looking vehicle there.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 15.47.53

I don’t know. Whatever, but it is cool. You got Legolas. I think the vehicle leaves a little bit to be desired. I’ll have to use it in the game and see how fun it is to ride around on it and shoot stuff. There you go. There’s the Legolas Fun Pack.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 15.48.22

If you are a Legolas fan I would get him for the game. I’m not sure what his ability is in the game. I think he can maybe cut vines and stuff, so I don’t know if other characters can do that. There you go. I have other unboxing videos on my channel. I’ve got tons of unboxing videos on my channel. You should check them out. I hope you like and subscribe and share. Thank you so much for watching. Keep on collecting.