Scribblenauts Unmasked Blind Box Series 4 Full Case Unboxing

Hello everyone. Welcome to series 4 of Scribblenauts Unmasked. I’ve got a whole case of these cool figures. I’m going to open them up for you and see who I get. This is the display box that they come in.

There’s 18 figures in here but it looks like there’s only 8 figures in the set. It looks like they did the same thing with series 3 so I’m sure that I’m going to get a full set of these. I’ll get quite a few doubles I’m sure. There you go. You’ve got Maxwell as Superman there. I’m going to imagine that’s who this mystery Maxwell figure is. I guess we’re going to find out. There you go. There’s the 8 figures in the set.

I’m really looking forward to getting Batman Beyond, John Constantine. There he is. You’ve got Beastboy and Lex Luther. This is going to be a cool set. I am a little curious though because when this set was announced along with series 3 there were more characters that were announced that don’t seemed to have made it into the final set. One of those was Swamp Thing. I was really looking forward to getting a little mini Swamp Thing so I’m wondering if they’re going to be in another set or what.

There’s my first figure and he looks pretty cool. That is Mercury. He’s 2 in 18 so I’m sure I’ll be getting more of him. I will put the base aside. It is very cool that they come with a base because otherwise they fall over.

There he is. Look at that long nose on him. That’s neat. It’s cool. He’s actually a metallic. Hopefully the camera’s picking that up. That’s pretty cool. That’s a nice figure. I like that. I don’t know too much about the metal men but I know they’re pretty popular. They have their fans. This is a cult classic I guess it’s considered, but there he is. There’s Mercury.


I said this in the last video, I’ll say it again. I really like that they’re doing some more obscure characters. They could just do, here’s another version of the Justice League but there’s Superman and Batman and Hawkman and Wonder Woman and everything. They have those and that’s cool. Awesome. Batman Beyond. One of my favorite characters. An amazing show if you haven’t watched it. My wife and I just re-watched Return of the Joker recently. Batman Beyond Return of the Joker, which is fantastic. I have it on Blu-ray. It’s got the unrated cut which is really good. I definitely recommend it if you’ve haven’t seen it.

The Batman Beyond show in general is great. There he is, Mr. Terry McGinnis, Batman Beyond. He’s ? in 18. Who knows, I’m sure I’m going to get doubles of him because usually the gold figure and the Maxwell figure are the ones that you only get 1 of. At least that’s how it worked with series 3 and I believe that’s the case with series 1 and 2 too. As a matter of fact, Mr. Question Mark himself, there he is. Batman beyond. Again. There you go.


I’m not going to open him up because you’ve seen him already. Let’s go. I’m not bothering to put these on the base right now. It takes forever. I’ll spare you sitting here and being bored while I spend 10 minutes trying to get them on the base.

There you go, you’ve got Catwoman. This is one of her more modern designs. I think this is what she wore when Brubaker was writing the book. I don’t remember so let’s get her out of there so you can take a look at her. Look at that.

It’s a cool figure. It’s hard to tell if the camera’s picking it up but you can see her eyes in there. That’s cool that those are translucent goggles they’ve put on there. That’s a nice little attention to detail. There you go. There’s Catwoman.


I did also get a case of series 3 if you haven’t figured that out by now. I’ve un-boxed it so you can check out that video too. I’ve got series 1 and 2 as well so please check those out. I did find it a little disappointing that there’s only 8 characters in series 3 and 4. There is a GameStop exclusive character as well, which I don’t have but I’m definitely going to get. It’s an 1870’s Batman.

There you go. There’s another Catwoman. Catwoman’s 3 in 18. I’m sure I’m going to have plenty of Catwoman figures coming out of here. Let’s see who else we get. I do like though, Funko’s done a couple sets. It looks like these Scribblenauts will get a case and you get the set.

I really like that. There he is. Awesome. John Constantine. Very cool. One of my favorite characters. Introduced in Swamp Thing by Alan Moore. Very neat that he’s got a figure. It was a vertigo character for a long time. I believe they’ve just recently brought him back into the fold of the regular DC universe. He’s got his own TV show now, which I haven’t watched yet. I hear it’s decent.

I don’t know. What do you think? Tell me in the comments. Was the show any good? What’s your favorite comic book show? Is it a DC show? Is it a Marvel show? Tell me. I’d love to hear it and I’ll respond. I do definitely want to check this show out. He’s 2 in 18. That’s Constantine.


We’ve already got 4 of the 8 figures. Let’s lay them out there and I’ll do a close up on them at the end. There you go. Let me pan this down a little bit so you can see them. There they are. Let’s brush this aside here. For the next figure let’s see.

There doesn’t seem to be any similarity to the way they packed this case out versus series 3. I like that. Although this case seems to be more of the same figure next to each other.

There’s John Constantine with a broken arm. I guess I’m glad that he’s not the rare one. I’m sure if I open that up I can shove his arm right back on. Not a big deal. That’s disappointing. I’d hate to buy this one, I got John Constantine, the one figure I was looking for, and his arm is broken. That sucks, but again, I’m sure I’ll open it up and pop it right back on. We’ll put broken John Constantine aside. I’m glad I got one that’s not totally busted.

Who’s this? Another Batman beyond. There you go. It seems like they did that with series 3 too, where there wasn’t a full set in the top row. You had to dig to the bottom row to get the other characters. It looks like that’s what going on here because there’s another Catwoman. You can see, I got 4 of the 8 figures.

Hopefully in this bottom row I get the other 4 I’m looking for including the gold cyborg and the Maxwell as the mystery character. I’m not sure who Maxwell is dressed as in here.

There we go. One of the characters I’m missing is Beastboy. He’s 3 in 18. I’m sure there’s going to be a hundred of him. Probably not a hundred. Probably 3, Rob, in here. We didn’t have him yet so let’s open him up so you can get a better look at him. There he is. Beastboy. Probably known from his role in the Teen Titans TV shows. There he goes. Very cool. You got Beastboy.


Now, who are we missing. We’re missing Lex Luther. You know what? I want to go across. That’s what I want to do. We’re missing Lex Luther and we’re missing Gold Cyborg and we’re missing mystery Maxwell.

Let’s see who’s in here. Who is it? That’s 1 of the ones I needed. It’s Gold Cyborg. I keep saying it. If you’ve watched my other videos you know how I feel about these gold characters.


I’d rather see a variant of it of a cool costume that we know from the show as opposed to just a painted gold one. There he is.

Cyborg’s going to get his own movie soon. I’m sure he’ll become a popular character. Hopefully his movie will be good. DC announced 10 movies through 2020. They’re looking build a big universe just like Marvel’s done. I wish them luck. Hopefully those movies will be good. Man of Steel was not the best start. I don’t how you felt about that movie but I thought it was just okay. Hopefully Batman versus Superman will be good and they’ll keep going.

There you go. There’s Mercury. There he is. I did see a lot of footage of the upcoming Marvel stuff when we were at Comic-Con and it looks fantastic. Hopefully DC will do the same. I have been enjoying their TV shows, I like Gotham and I like Clash.

There he is. There’s Lex Luther. Look at this giant figure. This is pretty cool. I like this. He’s not in his business suit, he’s in his, I’m going to fight Superman armor.

There he is. Don’t you know you can never win, Lex Luther? You’re a bad guy but he never stops trying. There he is. That’s a cool costume. Look at the purple and the green. I like this figure. Lex Luther. He’s 2 in 18 so I probably got another one in there. It looks like he can stand up on his own. He’s Lex Luther.


Let’s go. I need a Maxwell, dressed as some mystery character that I don’t know. There he is. There’s Beastboy. Saw you already Beastboy. Let’s get rid of you.

Let’s see here. Is it Maxwell? It is, yea, I got him. Cool. It’s Maxwell dressed as Superman. He looks pretty cool, actually. I like this. There he is. He’s got the Superman hair covering up his rooster hat. That was neat. His cape is a separate piece, there. That’s pretty neat. There you go. I only expect to get 1 of him in the case. He’s one of the more rare ones. There you go. Very cool. In series 3 he was right in front.


He was the first 1 I opened up if I’m remembering correctly. In this one he wasn’t. What’s wrong with me? He was all the way at the bottom. You can’t tell where he’s going to be. It’s neat. He should be random. You should have the excitement of that finding it when you pick 1 or 2 out. There he is. There’s Beastboy again. We saw him. These are probably all going to be doubles. Let’s open these last 2 and see who we’ve got.

Let’s see. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know who you, look at that. There’s another Maxwell. I’m surprised. I did not expect that. There he is. Maxwell as Superman. Cool. I’ll take him. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know who your favorite figure is, who you favorite character is, who you’d like to see in upcoming sets. If you’d like to see me do more un-boxing, what you’d like to see me do. Anything. Just go ahead and leave a comment. There’s Lex Luther. We saw him already.

That’s it, guys. That’s the whole set of Scribblenauts. I think my favorites are Batman Beyond and John Constantine, there. I like the Catwoman figure a lot too. I like the whole set. Very cool. I like the set a little better than series three because I like the characters a little bit better there. There we go. We’ve got a close-up on them there so we see them. There they all are.


Alright, guys, thank you so much for watching. Please check out my other videos and subscribe and thank you so much. Keep on collecting.

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