The Walking Dead Funko Horror Mystery Minis Full Case Unboxing

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another unboxing video. I have The Walking Dead Series 1 here for the Funko Mystery Minis. I got this case on eBay. It’s a little bit damaged but who cares? It’s got a dent up there. I got it a little cheaper than I normally would simply because the case was damaged. I did that once before with the Street Fighter case and it worked out really well. Hopefully, I get some good guys out of here.


You can see, as usual, on the back there, there’s everybody in the set. It’s really just a bunch of zombies and then you got Daryl and Merle; a bloody version and then a regular version of them. The bloody version of Daryl is the rare one. It looks like the riot gear zombie is super rare one as well. Hopefully, I’ll get one of those. That would be really nice.


I usually didn’t pick this up, this set because a little disappointed it was just a bunch of zombies and no real characters from the show. I got Series 2 recently and I really, really like the set so I decided to go ahead and pick up Series 1. I picked one of series one and got a zombie. I actually really liked it so I’ve reconsidered my initial judgment of this Series 1 and decided to get it.

The first one out of the gate is this bloody formal zombie, looks like, with a suit and a tie there. That is two in 24 so he’s a common one but it looks like that’s the bloody variant with this suit and tie and oops. That’s the back one there and nothing exciting about the back. A neat-looking zombie.


Of course, I’m a big zombie fan. I love zombies so I don’t know why I was not into this set. I guess trying to convince myself not to get it so don’t spend the money but it turns that I like it after all. Here we go. Of course, I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead. The show is great and my wife’s a big fan too. It’s nice to watch it together with her every Sunday when it’s on.

We’ve got fat … I think this is the well zombie from the episode in Series 2 or whatever. I think it was in Series 2 or Season 2 rather. He is also two in 24 so he’s a common one there. He’s got the rope tied to the back of him there. It looks pretty neat at the big piece of plastic there.


None of these … These aren’t articulated. They don’t move. They just stand there but they’re still neat. There he is. I wonder why they put Daryl and Merle in this first set. I guess because they’re probably two of the most popular characters especially Daryl. I guess it makes sense.

I would have thought they would have done Rick or Michonne or something but they say that for Series 2. Go check that video out because I got the whole set. They’re pretty neat and I’m not surprised Funko will usually do this. Wait a second. Never mind. I thought I got a double but I didn’t.

This is the clean version of the formal zombie, the suit and tie zombie there. I guess he’s ready to go off for a day at work at the office with his friend here, the bloody one; or he’s coming back for a rough day at the office. Maybe that’s the story. Alright, whatever. There is the zombies there. All common, so far.


I’m sure I’ll get at least one of the 72 ones here we do in a case. It would be super cool if I got the riot gear zombie. Bloody Daryl would be cool too. He’s the other one that’s one in 144 but okay. This is the crawling, no leg zombie here. It looks like that’s the regular version. I have the bloody version. I’m sure I’ll get one in this case too but he’s two in 24 so he’s a common one. I like the look of him. It’s gross with his guts hanging out.


That’s the bottom over there you can see. His ribs are exposed. That’s neat. There you go. Alright. Let’s see. More zombies. Maybe I’ll get Daryl or Merle so they can fight the zombies for me here. Let’s see. Alright, we’ve got the scene … What I just got? There you go. There’s another crawling zombie.

It’s actually in this common … This one has a two. They have like a serial number on the bottom I didn’t recognize, NV005, whatever. You only see it when it’s on display but I just happen to notice that. There’s a hoard of crawling zombies there. Let’s see here. Maybe this side. There we go.


I’m looking forward to the show being back. I think there’s a Talking Dead special on this week actually for preview of Season 5. Take a look at your local listings for that. I’m sure that’s coming. It should be interesting to see. Alright, we got another well zombie. That’s fine here. I’m sure … Look at that. He comes apart. That’s neat. I wonder if he’s supposed to come apart. It sure looks like it.

Yeah, he’s got like the eggshell broken around there. That’s pretty cool. I’m glad I realized that so I could show … Yeah, he comes apart too. Look at that. You can split him apart. I don’t remember. I guess he got split apart on the show that’s why he did that. I’m sure he did. You tell me in the comments, “Yeah, duh. Don’t you remember that episode?”

Alright. Let’s see who we got here. Let’s open this up. There is the bloody version of the crawling zombie. Let’s get him open. Things are they come in clear plastic bags. The other Funko [har 00:06:46] ones come in the black plastic bags. It adds to the mystery when you have the black plastic bag. Let me get my hand away so you can see that thing.


Whatever. It’s not really a huge deal what coat of bag it comes in. it’s all about the figures inside the bag. There you go. Put him next to his friends there. I tend to sell these … My extra ones on eBay. I have the link in the description. If you are interested, go check it out. I like the idea of having a hoard of those crawling zombies to hunt this place. I don’t know. I might have [toppled 00:07:23] on to those.

Alright. Can I rip this open or is it tight to bust up the scissors? Nope. Got it. [Inaudible 00:07:30] to the box a little but I don’t care really about that. Make sure you guys let me know what other sets you’d like to see me collect. I have a few in the pipeline coming up. If you guys still watch … Look at this. I got another bloody zombie.

All common so far. I haven’t got any rare ones. If there’s any cool sets you guys really like that maybe I haven’t seen or you think it would be fun to watch, let me know. I’ll see about picking them up. Let’s see here. My original plan was to buy these and maybe sell some of the stuff on eBay and use that to get more. I’ve really fallen in love with the blind box collecting.

I haven’t really sold anything but my extras on eBay because I really like these things. They look cool on display and I have fun collecting them so I plan on keeping on doing it. If you guys keep watching the videos, that’s awesome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

There we go, another bloody suit zombie. We’ll put him in front there. This is how Funko, unnoticing, usually packs out their cases. All of the extras are close to each other. What I’m saying is, it’s not surprising I’ve gotten all of the same figure in this top row here; two of this guy, to of that guy, two of the other guy. It kind of have a deal … I don’t know if I’m explaining that well enough but okay.


Let’s see here. What I like about getting the case though is you usually get a base set and you get some of the rares there. Okay, cool. This one’s neat-looking. This is the little girl zombie. It’s disturbing with her teddy bear and her bunny slippers there. I really like this one, actually. There you go. She’s holding on to it by the leg there. There we go. Very cool.


I think this is my favorite one so far. It’s creepy and disturbing. That’s another common though, two in 24. Let’s see. I guess the rare ones will be on the bottom. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another little girl zombie. That’s usually how it goes and I probably get another suit zombie on this top one. No, look at this. I got the one in 24 guys.

He’s a little bit rarer. I guess he’s an uncommon. There he is. He’s the gel zombie, prison zombie, whatever you want to call him. He’s cool with his spike hair and his shackles on his arms and his legs there; kind of neat. You can see his shirt is torn there [inaudible 00:10:39]. It looks pretty cool. I guess there’s only one of him in the case. It’s nice to get him.


Now, if I can get one or two more rares, I’ll be happy. This pack out. Alright, so let’s get this going here. This is the last one on the top row so let’s see if it’s another little girl zombie or the formal zombie or if I get somebody completely different. Let’s see here. Ta da. We have … Who do we have? Yup, another formal zombie. Not surprising.


I should start to get now on the bottom row. We should start to get some different guys. There’s our suit zombie. We saw him already. I won’t spend too much time on him but the rest. Alright. Still no Daryl or Merle and we’re still looking for the screwdriver zombie. Haven’t gotten him yet. I’m still looking for some of the rare ones.

Alright, enough of this. Let’s bust out the scissors here. Make life a little bit easier. There you go. Let’s see who we have in here. We’ve got … Cool. We’ve got the screwdriver zombie. He’s two in 24 so he’s a common one but he’s neat. I like him. I had to be careful I don’t break that screwdriver. At times, I’ve broken a few figures ripping these open so I’m not even going close to that screwdriver there up and down.


I’m sure one touch and it would come flying off. See and he fall as I knocked him over on the screwdriver. You’re going to stay right there and I’m going to do my best not to break you. Let’s see here. Alright, screwdriver to the rescue.  Scissors to the rescue is what I mean. Nope, I didn’t want to open with the scissors. Come on. There you go. Okay.

I think with this first set, there’s not Hot Topic exclusive or convention exclusives or anything like that. I’m pretty sure that what you see on the package is what you get. Sometimes or a lot of times, Funko will do that with the mystery minis. Another screwdriver zombie. Not unexpected. That’s how Funko rolls.

The Game of Thrones, Walking Dead Series 2, the Marvel Mystery Minis, they all had … Here you go. Here’s your screwdriver zombie. See, his screwdriver’s a little bent so I’m glad I got two of him. You can fix it, okay. Me, I’m glad with this set they didn’t do any of those exclusives.

Here’s the next case here. My poor wife is coughing in the background. She’s been very kind to make this video. She’s feeling a little bit under the weather so thank you very much, sweetheart. I love you. I appreciate you. Alright. Anyway, let’s get this going so my wife can go convalesce.

Alright, we’ve got our first human. We’ve got Daryl.  He looks pretty neat. Let’s get him out of here so we can better look at him. He’s common, two in 24. There goes screwdriver zombie. Here you got to stay … Fallen down. Okay, there’s Daryl. He’s got his crossbow. Looks like he’s got a knife, yeah. He’s got his quiver on the back there with his arrows. No, pretty cool. I like that. These guys detail the sash on there. That’s very cool.


I’m sure we’ll get his brother, Merle, soon and maybe I’ll even get a bloody Daryl. Alright. Your zombie. That would be neat. I don’t seem to have much pulling the one in 144 figures out of here so I’m not holding my breath but it would be a nice surprise.

Let’s see who else we have. Yup, we got another Daryl. That’s how it goes. Let’s get him open. He’s exactly the same as what you just saw. There he is, same figure. Very exciting. Alright. Let’s see here who we’re going to get, who our next figure’s going to be. Can I get at least a one in 72? One of the glow in the dark guys maybe. That would be nice.


I need some rare figure from this case. We’ve got Merle and he’s two in 24. He’s a common guy there too. I’m sure the next one I open is going to be another Merle. There he is after he lost his hand and put his bleed on there. He’s got a gun, a pretty mean character. He did redeem himself right before he died maybe a little bit by going after the governor.


I like to have a … Sent him off before Daryl had to kill the zombie version. Spoiler alert by the way if you haven’t seen the show. [Inaudible 00:16:28], what are you doing watching this? I should put a big spoiler alert in the description. Alright.

There’s Merle again. Of course, if you haven’t seen him with the bleed on yet, you are really behind. Catch up with the show. Watch it. It’s awesome.

There he is. There’s another Merle. Not surprising. Two of the same figure in a row. That’s how Funko packs out their cases. Let’s see. Okay. Now, we’ve got … Sure, it’s a brand new figure. We’ve got … Is his bloody Merle? No, yeah, it’s bloody Merle. Now, bloody Merle … He’s Two in 24 as well so he’s a common too. There he is.


Sorry, let me open him on camera. [Ram 00:17:28], pay attention. Okay. There’s bloody Merle. Here’s regular Merle. The difference is, he’s covered in blood. What would you want me to say? There he is looking to seem … Those bloody variants are alright. Some of them are cooler than others. Funko really gets a lot of mileage out of doing that but the variants, glow in the dark, this bloody variant of that.

I guess it’s far for the course of these things. Let’s see here. I’ve pretty much … I think I have everybody really … Now, Hopefully we’ll get some rare figures. Another Merle? Nope, another bloody Merle. Yeah, that makes sense because there’s two in 24. They’re right next to each other.

Who didn’t I get that’s a common figure? I don’t think there’s any common I haven’t gotten so let’s see if maybe now I can get some rare figures in the back row here. Let’s see. That would be super cool. Let’s see who I get. I didn’t get another little girl zombie so maybe there’s another one of her lurking around in here.

We’ve got … Who is this? I forgot about him. This is a two in 24. Okay. This is the other common that I didn’t get. This is zombie holding a … What is he holding? The animal leg? A deer hoof? Deer leg in a hoof? Eww, it’s gross but neat. I still need a lot, sorry, but it is neat. What can I say? He’s cool. He’s got a scar in his face and it’s nice that it’s actually indented. It’s not just pinned on there.


These are pretty cool. These are going to look cool in the living room with my display if my wife wants me put them up; if she wants a hoard of zombies. Maybe on Halloween, I can have them out there. Let’s see here. Alright.

I bet this is another holding-a-deer-leg zombie. Look at that, it’s another one in 24 guy. I guess he is two in 24 in my case but I hope it’s not the only rare that I get. I’ll be a little disappointed if I don’t get at least a one in 72 but okay. There he is. There we saw him, the shackle zombie. Alright, I got only two more left so I’m really hoping to pull a rare from one of these two. It would make me super happy.

I like the whole set. I don’t want us to hunt the rare ones down on eBay. We’ll pay a billion dollars. I refuse to do. Let’s see here. We have … Yup, okay. My other animal mutilation zombie here. There he is who just finished off a deer. There he goes. You saw him already.


Alright. Last one, everybody. Do we think we’re going to get a rare one? That would be very cool. It’s the last one in the case, usually. You find the rare ones by now but everybody hold your breath, cross your fingers. It would be nice to get one of the glow in the dark ones at least or riot gear zombie here. Open, let’s see. Come on. We have … Awesome. Riot gear zombie. Totally worth getting the case.



He’s one in every 144. That totally rules. This is actually the one I really wanted to get. I didn’t want to say it and jinx it but I got him. He’s got the clear visor on there. He’s got, obviously, all his riot gear. He just looks pretty awesome, I think. Way cool. I got lucky. It took the last one but there he is. There’s the riot gear zombie.

He’s one of the rare ones; one in every 144 packs so I finally got lucky and got a really, really cool guy; a rare guy. These are all cool but this one’s rare. That’s that. That’s the whole case. I’m very happy. I’m very satisfied that I got a rare one and take a look for the extras on eBay if I don’t decide to keep a zombie hoard here in the house.

I have plenty more videos. I have another Walking Dead video up. Lots more unboxing videos. I’d really love if you subscribe. Follow me on Twitter so you can find out when my new videos are out. Keep on collecting. Thanks a lot. Bye.


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